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Historical Origin
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Tiantong temple was built in the jin dynasty, more than one thousand seven hundred years ago.

Yongkang xinjin dynasty years (AD 300), the monks gang had to department of yangzhou county (now yinzhou) east of the valley of nanshan, and because of his love for the landscape, hence the knot MaoXiu. According to legend, when no one lives near the east valley, but there is a lad to send salary every day. Se built soon, the boy said to gang masters, I am too white Venus, because the master to way, touched by the jade emperor, ordered me to the boy to hold. Now you're done, I wish to leave. It boasts a lad. The name of taibai mountain, tong temple name day.

ZongBi Jackson felt, in the tang dynasty, the east valley coombe shallow, in to two years (AD 757) to se, migration under the white peak (namely day child temple now address), is apart from the gang master takes place and a kilometer away. Dry yuan two years (AD 759), by the prime minister's fifth ji qin please, due to the mountain and rock, lu su zong emperor givennames TongLingLong temple "day". Big in the first year (AD 847), salty and Jackson, chairman of the mountain wind, carry forward the hole during (start right from the beginning. Salty ten years (AD 869), according to the east zhejiang observation Yang Yan please, taken zong emperor orders given "longevity temple" name.

Chinese zen to the increasingly prosperous, the song dynasty to the southern song dynasty heyday, children's day temple has also become the temples temple of zen. JingDe four years (AD 1007), the real cases of emperor orders given TongJingDe "days of Buddha. Acceded to the throne of the emperor, god called banned monks but white asked, and three high. And in candidates.if your eight years (AD 1085) gives only platina violet dress. Chienchung yasukuni first year (AD 1101), the zong emperor orders given but white "buddhist master", and drive makes TongJingDe temple but Bai Xu lamp order. Built three years (AD 1129), is Jackson following seats, mountain lived 30 years, wong (wind, monks living more than one thousand people, children's temple zte period for days. Shaoxing built four years (AD 1134) monk hall, can accommodate one thousand people between 14 and 20 before and after, three GuoLang, two courtyards, 16 when longitudinal 200 feet wide. Then expand the entrance, become a towering jie cabinet, Ann thousand buddhas. Build up the cabinet, an good knowledge as 53, called the "thousand FoGe". Chunxi five years (AD 1178), prime minister right wing Shi Hao frenzy to play please, xiao zong emperor waved her hands "taibai mountains" four words gives the temple. Salt city four years (AD 1193), xu guan Jackson thousand FoGe expansion, dove Pi materials, three years. After the expansion of thousand FoGe three layer 12 zhangs, fly, pick up into the sky, Cain HongLi southeast. Jiading years (AD 1208-1224), a surname right prime minister Shi Miyuan play please settle "five mountain temple ten brake", children's day temple as the third of five mountain mountain.

A teacher three years (1301 AD), yuan into given zong emperor qian FoGe for the wing pavilion, after the house. To is nineteen years (1359 AD), yuan good Jackson to rebuild the wing pavilion, thousands of casting copper Buddha for the cabinet, cabinet beside addition on the second floor, ZuoHong clock, right wheel to hide, smoke fills the air, glittering. Have a poem wrote: "cloud from the taibai mountain, incense since dynasty pavilion on gone with the wind". To is twenty years (AD 1360), shun emperor orders given yuan what Jackson "good sleep PuGuangXiang division".

Ming emperor Yu Hongwu fifteen years (AD 1386) conferring the world acquainting, gives the child mountain temple, ningbo, zhejiang province, fu Yin county days for days temple, five mountain the second as the zen mountain. To god and, temple suffered a historic disaster. Wanli fifteen years (AD 1587), July 21, Yin county catastrophic flooding, wind and rain flash, flash floods, children's day temple temple Pi, interacting gravel. Was the abbot years winter for carrying on the rubble reconstruction. Chongzhen four years (AD 1631), miyun Jackson, the abbot day full revival. In chongzhen eight years (1653 AD) built Buddha hall, the great hall, then build the dharma, advance hall, sutra depository, the abbot temple; Chongzhen nine years (1636 AD) built supply knot hall, hall, prolong life hall; Chongzhen ten years (1637 AD) built west meditation room, two guest room; Chongzhen 13 years (1640 AD) built east meditation room, his new new hall, light cabinet, penetration, and deepened the Labour pool, repaired the seven pagodas, all engineering, is to build complete, laid the scale and landscape of the temple today. For temple when the heyday of the existing cast in 14 years (AD 1641) of chongzhen monk pot right as evidence, the pot diameter of 2.36 meters, 1.07 meters deep, weighs 4000 kg.

Qing emperor shunzhi 16 years (1659), the Emperor shizu called acolyte inlet invoke Oracle and for three, yellow clothing, edge satin robe, a hit. Next year gave State Treasury gold thousand life rebuilt Hall, grew uninterruptedly road "Philip sleep Jackson",, and gave silver printed a star, heavy 402, fangguang three inch Xu, right for Han seal "Philip sleep Jackson of printed", left Juan Manchu line, gave three clothing, and five clothing, and seven clothing, and Huang zu clothing, and Gong DAO robe, and Aloes color Buddhist and the thousand knotting clothing, and lined,. Royal monk book poem, saying: "heart borders go, go real deep. Stream knows, no no lichen. "44 year of Kangxi (1709), shèng zǔ chici tiantong Temple books gold Heart Sutra pagoda site, Kee cì yǐ yǒu February southern tour boat book the age of Emperor Kangxi. May give gold heart with one painting a rolls, monks ' poems, four in white silk. 12 year of Yongzheng (1733), Shì zōng dì gift books "TSE-clouds" horizontal inscribed board and pillar of Hong Kong, like Buddha, Goddess of verses each one. 28 year of Guangxu period (in 1902), mail after the Zen monk, Abbot, Abbot inheritance system will cross the jungle to cross elect the wise system, called the election of the virtuous jungle, such a system is the Abbot of a step forward in the history of the jungle.

Buddhist leader master Yuan ying of China in the Republic of China from 19 to 25 years (ad 1930-1936) Abbot-day children 6 years, making the temple more solemn, presided over by his large cast bronze Bell, high of 2.76 meters, diameter under 1.86 meters, clock face cast with 81-volume avatamsaka Sutra, weighing 15,000 pounds, clocks upstairs.

After the founding of new China, and Government protection of tiantong Temple, monks Hall homework, impressive and purged, meditation practice, do not waste the ancient rules. And carry forward the "Zen" good tradition, to participate in agricultural production. In 1966, the "cultural revolution" started near the monastery as it uses, Buddha statues were destroyed. In 1979 by the State Council for approval and funding for repair, Temple, and method of torches burned again, all monks of the temple and Bell drum, chanting the Buddha, Zen, Shao Long Sanbao, laws such as the law for religious activities.