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Sectarian Inheritance
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Once upon a time in the mountain for a while, Buddha Nianhua is Hogan hiding in Kassapa Buddha, this is the beginning of Zen. 28 to a monk, Bodhidharma's arrival, and teach Yu Huike, to wisdom, God shows, meditation Tai Hing began in China.
Tiantong Tang Yun-suan reconstruction taibai hostels, known as the "Tian Tong Chan teachers" method of Sun Yun-suan Zen a vein. Northern Song Jingde four years, chici temple name "Jing de Temple", the Zen temple belonging, is hereby affirmed. Temple names more frequently, and "Zen" unchanged. Successive Abbots, belonging to the bull, Cloud Gate, Dharma faction, Rinzai, and much to the school of.

>> Founder of Yi Xing
Tower of the founder of Yi Xing

Tiantong Temple chimpanzees facially. Jin Yong Kang (300) Yi Xing Patriarch visited the famous treasure, but a surname (now Yin county) East Valley, love its high peak forest, and then knot Mao Weilu, devote themselves to retreat. Division ascetic practice, touched by God, field a Platinum star into a boy, day salary around with him, long resigned to, can't stand it. Later generations then mountain is the name for: "white", said engineer for "taibai Patriarch." Is time Dong Hanming yongping Decade (six or seven), Buddhism was introduced to China only 234 years. Qing who hear Word like: "don't stay, solitary dangerous mountains between the Valley of the Tang dynasty poet, who of them? Battle of district salaries, who treated? But sincerity makes sense, and White Star boy, who said that God is already? Taibai mountain GUI Yi Division, aren't local scenery of calendar and not Zai.

>> Hide mood created an attractive Zen master(790-866)
As the progenitor of tiantong Temple open method. Commonly known as Zhu, huating (now Songjiang, Shanghai). When the mother's pregnancy and sitting at the middle of often smell tempting. When young, masters falling in the well, there is God holding out. Teen monk, worship Tao kuang Jackson as a teacher. Year landmark, worshipped the zhongyue under their precepts. His mother cried reading Division home away, blind in one eye, and divisions since it, today and tomorrow. Mother died, mourning a maintenance cottage, their side-a demon God confused fisherman, four cold meat, where Oracle ring, this was rejected. Li swam Lake virtual reality, Fu Yi-Wu Hui Si, lease law aimed at Matsu SI deficiency. During the reign of Tang Huichang (841-846) Division of Imperial longevity Temple, hand series hidden embers fell. South section of Suzhou Yang song code, requests the Division to the forest to build hostels. Immediately the Abbot in tiantong, legend has it that as yú huì chāng dà zhōng, clearance of the Dragon in the white Peak, Jian Zhen Mang Tower on the Xiao Bai ling. Division Mayor Cui Qi said: "anyone who" moves, the meditator sets, ring of Fame couch. Division is a water fountain, refers to a disambiguation. Challenging troubleshooting people, storming Suo Yin people, vertical lift up both fog, Pan ice into a Word, never broken sink Crash Bandicoot, at Tian Tong as a Patriarch of the open method.

Tower of the founder of Yi Xing
Sized for 12 years (858) SI Ming Ren Jing, Nanjing slaughter, and she Zhai monastery, master. When Qiu Fu led 2000, holding weapons and the day into the temple. Division offerings, looking somber, all throbbing fear, stay away. County Chief Shen played, change monastery for Qi Xin SI (now seven towers Temple) to easy morality. Xian Tong seven years (866) on August 3 as shown in silence, Shì shòu 77, La 57 monks. Right to bury the day Tong Yan, three years after incineration, uncover, exotic fragrance gel, and be just like life. Tea PI yan Xia, which relics of thousands of tablets, Cui Hui, red, white light penetration. Disciples give up Hugh give relic, the line shape, approached que posthumously. Feng chi pao Lei posthumous: "heart mirror master". Tower called "birthday".


>> Macro zhi zheng jue Jackson(109一-一157)
Macro intellectual enlightenment zen master tower

Common surname li, xi state (now shanxi xi county) people. The father is converted to zen. Scott, dreamed of wutai mountain monk solution right arm ring while pregnant with them. And raw, light out of house, right arm uplifted such as cyclic, people are different. The age of seven, XiRuYe, read the five classics, day recite thousands of words. The Buddha, Jackson saw it as a multiplier. Eleven, according to the father, cast a net clear temple monk with this degree. Fourteen years old, from joinville CiXue temple ZhiQiong Jackson by ring. 18 to travel CanXue, farewell when he was the father said: "not invention, shi yi no return!" First join the ruzhou (now in henan province near you) yamadera into Jackson dead. One day, the smell of monks recite the fahua sutra at a province, and dry. Component index incense and yue: "inside, is what things?" Teacher: "what is heart line." Yue "your enlightenment and born?" Teacher hand painted phase in a circle, throw back. Yue: "mud pie han what limit?" Teacher: "wrong!" Yue: "don't only see people." Show good, man have enlightenment. Tryho six years (1124) opinion (now henan teng county) method Yu Danxia son chun, chun and asked: "how is empty hook yourself before?" Master yue: "bottom frog swallow month, night night don't borrow bright shade." Male yue: "not in a way." Division in answer, it is in yi cheng. Naturally, much more fast, sages bai, hence give blows. Spin move with chun temple deluge, palm secretary, rose's first, after lawmakers several people. Four years later, the yuantong temple, true xie qing live long reed temple, monk asked teacher to send, the greeting rushing out, see the garment shoe wear our, really take life to be easy with the new, and cloud: "we have for shoe?" The smell of offers, supplication, hence the first. Born six years later, when live SiZhou shines temple, thirty four. Move through the shu state, taiping temple, jiangzhou yuantong temple, can the kernel temple, governor of true reed temple. Built three years (1129) to the state, to putuo, pass, corresponding margin method, was invited to the abbot day for children. Nomads from the Ming state, in the temple, were destroyed, more practice become separated, independence day TongWeiRan did not move. Matter, Curtis, enlightenment sit properly house, ride to tower ridge to hope, if see it, the folding of the soldier and retreat, as god by all men.         Division is folded, he completed the IP, written by li while there. Is pregnant with buddhist generative, it with may, not greedy, have no respite. Years of famine Jude Shan giving food, tens of thousands of lives. The original temple monk less than two hundred, division, and a monk more than thousand sorrow, evangelicals, t smile said: "you do not worry." The next day, donor qian liu corn thousands of welcome. Shaoxing beginning two years, successively built monk don, said ehud Shapiro its door is jay pavilion, delay Mao two Wu. Then its reform, the old fan qian copper Buddha, build Lou the pavilion. Abbot day TongFan thirty years, transformed the house. Temple have a field of thirteen thousand mu, temple around the mountain are all temple, and Yu Changguo xiangshan (today), dinghai county, cure TuTian two thousand mu.
Early qin GUI for the head, jingshan big monk hui zong stay current events, and secondly the literary intelligentsia incitement of investing and harmful, for juniper party designated as "drum paper floating, slander" palace rather, shaoxing eleven years (1141), back to the early, in the south. Shaoxing 25 years in winter, big grace hui belong to the north, the monk . Yukon when king empty seats, macro wisdom for big hui king. The large hui to predict, to will the, endowment for making, governor is forecast for more years old meter should be accumulated fragrance. Next year, the great wisdom, and the surplus ". Matter sweet wisdom hand yue: "we are too old! Sing, and I, and I sing you. Once KeShi, first is give priority to. Save those" Two people what was personally, but each pass. Macro wisdom to carry forward (method, argued that heart all buddhas in this sense, all wonderful spirit, because suspected in faint ", since as a barrier. If you can sit in, net wipe grinding, remove the false edge phantom xi, not all package, it can clear more. Advocacy and dhi sore hui zong to stay in the "zen" different from "zen".
Long net such as Jackson tower weng
Shaoxing seventeen years (1157), is aimed to live lingyin temple, not the month, begging for children's day also. The next day, showering, sitting naked ket book: "empty dream altogether, in sixty-seven, the white bird don't smoke, autumn waters." Reply to book big hui stay invited the main affairs, and book starting to don't like yue: "spirit blunt bird fly easily, turtle shell, I have no you don't go, you no I can't." After throwing pen gone south. The life of 60 long, monk la fifty three. Hui stay for cutting big development worship, grottoes for seven days, was as raw. Tower of funeral procession, knitting element again, whole body Yu Donggu DongShou temples. Three Zhou Kui written inscription, top Zhang Xiaoxiang writing inscription tablet. Shaoxing 28 years (1158) Shi "macro" Jackson, says "the tower of light". Ode to the author of "old hundred is" he "macro wisdom of the ancient"), "Jackson widely recorded macro intelligence". As "the father of day TongZhongXing", the southern song dynasty famous zen master.

>> Weng long as net Jackson (1163—1228)
Net long, common surname yu, mingzhou WeiJiang. Born toki goddess, not class Chang Tong. Slightly longer or becoming a monk, generous. 19 years old, owing to the authority, zen meditation method more than 20 years, have deep understanding, core value after sufficient wisdom given snow sinus, temples and cedar seed before the "court" a province, a praise yue: "west to face before the court, parker nostril liao liao to eyes, fall to the ground dead branches planted jump, usnea bright smile yan teng." Evaluation of mandible. And praise Yang Qi monk asked: "chestnut thorn awning, you swallow? Gold ring, you jump?" After the cloud: "elbow Mo students free fall, the wind suddenly cloth before the fork brace, which zha eight arms empty disconsolate, night the daytime." Temples are valued, then gives the blows. Jiading of song dynasty three years (in 121 by please hide or loyal temple abbot China. Successive health QingLiangSi, taizhou pureland temple, linan net Keats temple, mingzhou red rock temple, is the complex to the net, jiading, chairman of seventeen years (1224) brought troublesome day. Teachers and students open-minded and generous, zen meditation line, lay particular stress on sat. Since the call: "zen meditation meditation, loss of body and mind, away from the five desires, in addition to the five cover, namely, do not burn incense, chanting, repairing, underclothes, chant, also to meet the Buddha." hong hair enlightenment zen master "zen" of zen, the Japanese monk tao yuan, hearing at noble and pure, the Buddha koan, but a generation of great master. Hence in jiading sixteen years (1223) sailing in the song dynasty, notions of children's day to visit study, by the method of (. Graduation, gen yongping temple, in Japan (father, child to inquiry into the cases to your father day. (1228) division of the first year of salt on disease out. July 17, nirvana hall, to do no such thing as enough temple incense, smell of dharma treasure cover glasses fall soon in silence. The life of six, 60 TongShan tower body in the day. T sit for six dojo, two serve the purport, learn the convergence, Fan Mo clear, need to think of French.



Miyun round enlightenment zen master
>> Miyun round enlightenment zen master (1566—1642)
No sleep early, in miyun. Common surnamed jiang, yixing, jiangsu province. Early childhood that chanting, XiRuDian, older from firewood to keep close. Rewelding for the thought of becoming a monk, I read "the six ancestors altar sutra has provinces. Placed in the 29 wind, wife Nu, cast of longmen temple illusions with zen monks. To serve the Li every four years, 33 years old start shaving. Calcined essence can be read and six years, to pass into the public, to court told the teacher. One day, a copper pavilion to the top of the hill, suddenly enlighted. , north ie formally introduced to the public. A matter, returned to the south. And ask for book yue: "but favourable, should not live; do not be pretty, rush through; with that line, don't count; to the crossroads, a division, o lame and ru, I come to call you." T and return the order, nine years, snake, inquiry into the abbot ren order of temple. Apocalypse three years (1623) moved tiantai tong xuan temple. After living in jiaxing gold millet temple, fujian phellodendron amurense temple, king temple of education. The abbot Ming chongzhen four years (1631) days. The main temple 11 consecutive years. Days when children's ancient temple, after the flood all the weeds. Elaboration, owing to raise. Namely, the scale of nan tian tong temple permanent vibration and PI later wind, carry forward the dharma, round peoples, light mass, starts from the Chinese to outland, cloud to ground swell, monk is often more than thousands to live, every lecture, followers of thirty thousand and is considered a children's day, the father of revival in the fourteenth year of chongzhen, bosom of life emperor QiTian hong on pilgrimages to fill tuo, began to give one of purple clothes. To stay (nanjing) big delay of paying the abbot. In the old disease GuCi. Division in the delay jiangyin Huang Yuqi rebuilt temple. The next year on July 7th, in silence in tiantai tong xuan temple. The life of seventy there were seven, monk la forty four. Also tower body Yu Tiantong nanshan. Destroyed after qian Bridges, today a tower Yu Donggu taibai sba east corner. Work has "green rock record" ten volumes, "quotes" twelve, "the boy said," four copies, "the monarch jump to save a little record three volumes.

>> The late Ming dynasty qing wen Jackson (1596—1674)
No big Chen, common name, Lin shan weng, hidden dreams, guangdong chaoyang people. Acquisition at the beginning of Confucianism, for reading the diamond sutra, method of sutra, the great wise sayings "and belief of Buddhism, such as lushan temple, the first open tomoaki tonsured. After the order of the parents once secularization. Tomorrow and two years (AD 1622) to past the door, become a monk from the hills with the ring, deqing swing to travel after meditating, heir method Yu Tiantong miyun round enlightenment, for the economy in the authentic 30. Chongzhen 15 years (AD 16542) round in subsequent silence seat abbot day children's enlightenment. Qing shunzhi three years (AD 1646) relegated to cixi five lei hill. Shunzhi 14 years (AD 1657) the abbot day again. Shunzhi sixteen years (AD 1659) to serve in a letter to the Beijing sai-jo fulin, given by the "hong sleep zen master". He wen yue: "zen monks, heir day for children. The cases of dhi, g the purport of; machine since natrii, allow to pass" on. Yihong sleep, author of "coach phil Jackson northward" and "play to record", "mountain WengWen Jackson with years since spectrum", "my", and "hong" quotations from Jackson. Kangxi JiaYin June 27 (AD 1674) in silence, the life of 79, under the tower in pingyang Huang Longfeng, day in the temple and exquisite rock castle tower, also in hidden claws.



>> JiChan JingAn Jackson (1851—1912)
Huang, read mountain, Hunan Xiangtan people. Young lost parents. In sook, due to poor families drop out of school. Seven years in Qing (1868), according to the law of Yin Hua Sidong Lin Chan master monk. Nan Yue Zhu Sheng SI hen Kai bar in the same year under its foot ring. Chisun rén lù SI ye Heng Zhi-Zen master. One day, sitting rock trance, a sudden Wen XI sheng. Income levy Yu Zhigong, Chi DOUCHING, take care of yourself. Is the thing, not afraid of cloud water, Jiangsu and Zhejiang to the old bed and breakfasts, live in perilous times, all opportunities. Reign of three years (1877) at Yu WONG and breaking lamp for Buddha. Known as "eight finger Tuo". Guangxu decade hanging Tin tiantong, Vice-Temple post. Zhang Xiang, then drag, thirst of the mountain Enterprise cloud, Thich Nhat Hanh said its laws. 34 years, born hengzhou Arhat Temple. Calendar on the master Nanyue, good, ningxiang Wei mountain densely printed, Yin Ding Shan capital to God, shanglin six temples such as the Temple of Changsha. Tong Erxu Ban Shouli around 28 days, the Abbot in tiantong. Six-year term, earnestly monks to stay for a second term. Main temple for 11 years, things all at once. Hall has rebuilt, new Liao, Li Lei Xuan, the contented vegetarian, repaired by fame, Fu Hu Ting, Yong-dong the House; laying of small white to Fu Hu Ting gravel trails. Rose, lecturing about the Shurangama Sutra, ' factual '; the perpetual Statute, the on line compendium, renewal of the Fukuda, additional industries, recorded on it. Codes by being purged, Zong Fengpi, and Temple steps.
Shi Cen method of meditation while reciting mingzhi, known as the "patriotic monk". To the friends of poetry, making laymen Yin Hao, to express patriotic people's heart. "The Boxer", "Sino-Japanese" of shame, outrage: "jīng tūn cán shí disputes" and "guó chóu unreported monk shame" the sentence. Lifetime Psalm two thousand. Pam's collection of the ten volumes of the eight Buddhist monk of verse, the book sequel of eight volumes, volume one of the anthology. Care for the education of monks, Patriarch to carry forward. 34 years Guangxu's first Buddhist educational societies in Ningbo, the first Chairman of the. State monks school, public elementary school. Wish to Commission three years (1911) in winter, and advocate the Buddhist Union of solidarity. The Republic of China (1912), ye-temporary President Sun Yat-Sen in Nanjing, presenting the application text of the Chinese Buddhist Association was founded, and the outline of Buddhism. March Sun Yat-sen was advised in writing. In April, the Buddhist Association was set up in Shanghai, the Division was pushed as the first Chairman of the. Calendar September 22 (Gregorian November 1) North, asked the Ministry of Interior in accordance with the Constitution, banned throughout the invasion destroyed the temple. On September 27, Kyoto FA Yuan SI Qian, smell the morning crows. Division of immortality in his arms, wrote a chapter:
Morning Bell number, gap began to get light. Skills recognition sit rock, jackdaws, for me, seems to be forcing my arms, his voice rough. Hawk, Shu has been to, hit birds by surprise. Bullies and bullying, birds are sympathetic with them. Reduction pot-food, card drawing. I was still bad, outside of what camp? Who is Benjamin lost breast chicks? Pak turns around the tree line. Without relief, and tears.
That Crow CAW chief instigator, but Division did not take into account disaster and have mercy on the poor, true compassion. Beginning of October 3rd, Ministry of the Customs Division, met with Secretary for Presidents Club pass, by these remarks. Chest and diaphragm ache that night, spin away. Enjoyed tho 62, and La 45 monks. Disciple dào jiē serve niches, such as South and was buried in Green Dragon gang scent in tiantong pagoda. There are eight refers to the Buddhist monk Shi anthology line.

>> Famous monks, Chinese Buddhist leader master Yuan Ying(1878-1953)
Gutian people. Tiantong Temple is learned in his childhood, middle-aged Abbot and finally died of DAO field. 29 to Xuantong first year of Guangxu (1903-1909), tiantong Temple, master Yuan ying, sent from Zen Buddha Zen monk (jìng ān) practicing meditation, his superb understanding, deeply Zen sent value, Temple 6, has been invited to serve as priests such as picketing. Abbot, xixiang town, yinzhou reception after Temple, the founder of Buddhist workshops.
From 19 to 25 years (1930-1936), master Yuan Ying Ren Tiantong Temple Abbot with the 160th, and he said both cases, solutions, talk ài. Abbot of six years, Zhi SI strict Munemasa people built a temple, purged the precepts, set up winds, retire. Master Yuan Ying Abbot liters took office proclaiming "12 do not", that is, not greedy for name, fame, no feather, no fraud, no lifestyle, does not escape, not strong, not weak, does not claim credit for, does not shirk its responsibility, point indicates the master virtue and noble. He personally led the monks plan funding, repair halls, done quite a lot.
Master Yuan Ying patriotism peace-loving master, since 18 (1929) the national Buddhist representatives will be held in Shanghai for the first time, after the establishment of China's Buddhist Association elected the first Chairman of the, seven-term President (or President). In 1931 the "918" incident, identity master Yuan ying, President of the Buddhist Association of China, circulars of the national Buddhist building to protect national parks. While representatives of Buddhist books Japan Buddhist spirit of Buddha's dauntless spirit together to stop Japan militarist aggression. In October 1952, the Mage at age 75, attended the regional peace conference for Asia and the Pacific, held in Beijing. Buddhist community in Beijing welcomed the meeting of the Buddhists to unite for peace, to defend the peace talk. In June 1953, the national Buddhist organization, the Buddhist Association of China was founded, although master Yuan Ying did not attend the meeting due to illness, but enjoys widespread support, was elected first Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China. Master Yuan Ying knew was ruining is Zhao puchu on August 15, 1953, the book was the householder, "will do more than a period, disease, body care Zu Ting, qī land", is determined to return God child monastery. 19th yì followers and escorted to the Tian Tong Ming, monks and drum Bell to greet him. September 19 (lunar calendar August 12), master Yuan Ying died, buried in ex-qīng fèng gǎng Yuan Ying Temple pagoda. Shì shòu 76, by là 50 BA, executors didn't adhere to the circle of Ying Hui.


>> Canton Mage
Zhejiang Yueqing city people, was born in 1922. Nine monks in late 1948 in tiantong foot ring, remained after Temple, Fu, Deputy from the Qing dynasty and the code to the Abbot of the temple. He was ordered in 1979 after the disaster of the cultural revolution, and served as the burden Temple renovation, restoration, together with two order Volkswagen after several years of efforts, finally make Temple fo fai, inherit and carry forward excellent jungle winds. In 1982, led a delegation to visit Japan, Japan Buddhism has a warm and grand reception.
Canton Mage also served as Director of the Buddhist Association of China, Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association, yinxian, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association, and the Chinese people's political consultative conference and yinxian dì qī 、 bā 、 jiǔ 、 shí jiè th Standing Committee Standing Committee post.
His strict law to have, carefully observe the precepts, light to moral values fame. Due to overwork, Canton Mage right eye blindness, Zuo Mu only faint Visual acuity, in 1987 to take a back seat.

>> Master Ming yi
Fuzhou, Fujian province, was born in 1916, according to Chen Tao. Served as Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China. Is generation of monk master Yuan ying, abstain from acts, legal acts. Teenager with master Yuan Ying to tiantong Temple Zen enlightenment after seven years, ancient pines in the Temple of Fame first tonsure, then at Temple with foot ring, and later took the Rinzai master Yuan ying, two law school of pulse, a Rinzai caodong 47th and 41st Law said.
For decades, Ming yi wizards follow first-Division round, first teacher teaches compassion, hard work, de Maria, generation a German monk of high hope. Teachers participate in the anti-Japanese National Salvation movement in the early years, in the middle of the vast number of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, "one dollar campaign to save the nation", to support the cause of resistance and relief to raise money. After the founding of new China, inheriting first Division's results, adhere to the purpose of patriotism, for the cause of China's Buddhism worked hard and devoted. Since the 70 's, has been to Japan and the United States, and Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and Hong Kong promote the Dharma, a workhorse, enhance friendly exchanges with other countries.
Tiantong Temple two sequences, in May 1988, mass appeal, admitted rose, President of tiantong. Ming 晹 the Mage is also the Shanghai longhua Temple, Yuanming, Beijing guangji Temple, Putian, Fuzhou xichan Temple, guangxiao Temple Abbot.


>> Master Chengxin(2005-02-01)
        In November 1959, was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Yueqing
        From 1966 to 1977 in school, graduated;
        From 1978 to 1980 at his home to work;
        In September 1980, Li guoqing Temple in Tiantai mountain in jingxia Hui old monk ordained teacher;
        From October 1980 to November 1981 in tiantong Temple;
        From November 1981 to 1988 study in Xiamen South PuTuo Temple Buddhist courtyard, Taiwanese Buddhist College graduate;
        Yongquan Temple in August 1982 in Fujian with foot ring;
        From September 1988 to 2004 served as the South PuTuo Temple prison hospital, Dou Jian, Tang, Executive Vice President of the charitable foundation, Taiwanese Buddhist Institute Executive Vice President, Xiamen, Executive Vice President and General Secretary of Buddhist Association, and Honorary President, Vice Secretary-General of the Buddhist Association of Fujian province and a member of the Buddhist Association of China, and other staff;
        In October 2003, Xiamen th CPPCC;
        6/28/2004 s. of Tendo Temple.;
        Tiantong Temple Abbot, won the rose celebration on December 13, 2004;
        In January 2005, any, yinzhou district, Ningbo city, and members of the CPPCC National Committee and Vice President of the Buddhist Association of district and municipal level。
        Honest monk for people from Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, graduated from high school in 1977, 198 o in guoqing Temple in Tiantai mountain in static wise old monk tonsured, and tiantong Temple. Won the Canton long and old and popular teacher's words and benefit.
        In 1981 went to Xiamen International Buddhist Academy school, and after graduation, those who remain in Xiamen, served as the South PuTuo Temple Jian, Dou Jian, Tang, Executive Vice President of the charitable foundation, a Taiwanese Buddhist Institute, Executive Vice President,-General, Honorary Chairman of the Buddhist Association in Xiamen, Fujian province, Deputy Secretary General of the Buddhist Association, Member of the Buddhist Association of China, Xiamen City CPPCC members and other staff. Cultivated over more than 20 years, Wan min. Courtesy of the SI two-sequence mass-elect, the Hills Presbyterian advocate, the enthusiastic support of local party and Government leaders at all levels, two OO June 4, tiantong Temple, Jin Yuan. Today's winning margin, the Abbot method I begun Chief seat, deacons, help each other and vow to learn, fulfill duties, stricter than the law, shoulder heavy burdens, following predecessor, big wind.


>> Anemochory EGL flowers bear WINS
Tiantong Temple well known abroad, especially in Japan. Japan Buddhism and tiantong Temple has a long history, intimate relationship. Today in Japan one of the major sects of Buddhism Zu Ting of the caodong tiantong Temple statue.
16-year in Jia song (1223), Japan Kyoto kennin temple the monk Yuan, arrived in Minnesota to song (now Ningbo), first ever children's sight, Thich Nhat Hanh calendar tour after Asoka Temple, Yuhang Jing Shan and other famous mountains and magnificent temples. Gem of the first year (in 1225) in May, the road listening, caodong master 13th generation Zu Rujing Temple Abbot monk of talbiyah days, then back to white, Squire, from the school of Zen master net acquisition, night NIE NIE, ribs free seats, serving for several years, the best way to school of. Have printed, robes, tops, said the book. Gem for three years (1227 ad) in August, Tao Yuan FA back in Japan, carry forward the net that the school of Zen Buddhist monk Zhi, Ji Tianjun created Eiheiji in Fukui after, creating a Japan caodong Buddhism, the Buddhist rules, copying tiantong. Yǐ hòu, Tao Yuan of total French-founded in Yokohama city Tsurumi Temple, and eternal Temple known as Japan caodong in two large hills. Today, Japan caodong has 15000 temples, 8 million believers, as Japan largest sects of Buddhism. They no one has origins of tiantong Temple statue as Zu Ting, continue farther afield, mountaineering, zu as one good turn deserves another commemorative ceremony was intended.
In 1979, tiantong Temple repair, Japan School of patriarchal brothers have come to China to visit the Zu Ting. -No one has to first Germany, Japan friend heart in tiantong temple for Jackson built the monument to commemorate Michimoto under net Jackson as well.
Causes and coincidences, Master Yi Xing created tiantong Temple of JI that year, that year is China's main "Geng Shen age" coincided with 28 years of age of a 1980 g Shen, tiantong Temple after the liberation, Japan Road, also in the Temple of the Buddhist monk Fa Ling JI bei cloud water Hall built in the back yard.
Japan Zen master Tao Yuan FA Ling JI stele 3 meters high, 1.3 m wide, fine texture, made from Qing Mei Wei Shi, rosy. Monument front engraved by Zhao puchu, President of the Buddhist Association of China, the amount of monuments and stele Ode to question. Stele Ode said:
Zhuo Zhuochan, and by sea dragon. Morning Assembly respected bed and breakfasts, Zen teaches both. Ladder hang into the song, interview in tiantong. Physical and mental loss, FA Chang Weng. Clothes are too white, Jian Cha umbrella song. Hogan reservoir romance opening. 700 years later, de Ze MI long. Clouds still talk about Mei, Li left. Ode to a monument built to offer, never high on your back.
Stele engraved with Japan caodong pipe length, Yong ping Guan Qin Huiyu, temple inscriptions. Inscription writes: "... ... NET zu without pay by Emperor, Andrew Wu today? Japan since ancient times from China's countless cultural biography, en Shedd, actually a Buddhist family. Our more sophisticated Buddhist, so Yuan cheng of Sino-Japanese friendship. To wish to pray about this stone, to stay later.
Is November 17, Qin Huiyu elders led a hundred-Member Japan caodong sect visited the mission, accompanied by, President of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao puchu, tiantong Temple, the Japan Zen master Tao Yuan FA Ling JI uncovers the Tablet the Tablet method. Sino-Japanese Dharma brother 200 people chanting in the temple, no one has to like Jing, Yuan two Jackson, continue to the next method of edge. Tiantong Temple Abbot, Canton, China by Mage main method of meditation, Zhao puchu, lay people burn joss sticks: Japan presided over by elders of Qin Huiyu chant and burn joss sticks. Sino-Japanese Buddhist tiantong, yongping Dojo two day by day, the common wishes of prosperity, such as clean, Tao Yuan and two master of mercy often shine between the sons of one heart and one mind, and initiates the same card. After Puja, on both sides of China and Japan in the spirit tablet of miracle plant two Evergreen boxwood trees, symbolizing the friendship between the two peoples and Buddhists with the White pines before the peak, resists the ice snow, will last forever.
NET without fathers Rong Zuweng, West-East to FA-rectification why? Hóng ēn 750 Nim, taibai mountain of light a day.
Qin Huiyu Zen Master Tai Bai Feng Tian Tong Jing 750 back of arms
Bottle umbrella pine Bowl SI Chang Weng, Tao Yi long for 700 years. A monument looking clouds are far behind me-episode, see the Platinum in Japan.
Zhao puchu, the original Yun feng and Qin Huiyu elders
This poem reflects exactly Japan caodong relationships with tiantong Temple.
In Sino-Japanese Buddhism in the history of friendly exchanges, and there are many Japan tiantong Temple, monks to learn. Japan country Shiga bǐ ruì shān monks thousand glory West, yú song filial piety cases Chun Hee 14 years (A. D. 1187) II degrees into song, Chun Hee 16 years (A. D. 1189) virtual OM Jackson by Tiantai mountain came to days child Abbot, Eisai with paternity to days Tong Xichan, by biography Pro Chai heart printed, have song filial piety cases gave "thousand light Mage" seal,, Shao Hee II years (A. D. 1191) back future Daxing Zen, in Kyoto built ren temple mountain, created Japan Pro Chai cases. Photo of grace, Eisai returned to the future choices "hundred surrounding timber", from Minnesota, for virtual Zen master UM reconstruction used Tian Tong Qian Chan GE. Miscellaneous Biography book in Southern Song dynasty, the famous poet building works of the thousand-Buddha Pavilion in the book of chronicles the history of friendly exchanges.
In 15th century Japan boat famous Sage of snow (first name, Xiao Tian Yang), the young monk, studied painting and culture established in Scripture. Ming-cheng three years (1467) in March, the snow boat boat Minnesota, spin to visit tiantong Temple method, kenso by Ming Emperor named "children first" (the first). Four tomorrow has been spectacular, not only inspired his creative passion, and ingest a lot of beautiful themes, his landscape paintings with a heavy "Zhe School flavor. Snow boat absorb the nutritious in Chinese painting techniques into their own flesh and blood, thus creating their own style, majestic structure in the works, bold style, in particular through the realism created by popular law, Japan later painting brings great influence. Snow was impressed by boat on day trip to children's well into old age still remember "children first" in this title. His life and artistic activities, in the history of Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges played a good role.
Tiantong Temple lecture to Japan also monks through the ages. NET disciple of JI Zhen Zhi Shen, the Song Baoqing three years (1227 ad) made in Japan, used to live the Holy Temple, Eiheiji, the latter in Daye County (now Ohno) Ginkgo Feng Lu founded a monastery for three years and then crossed over Japan bǎo qìng Nián, the famous Temple of the Song dynasty when, named "baoqing Temple", becoming "Japan School of the second temple." Chunyou of South Song dynasty (1246), tiantong Temple monk Lin Xi Road, lung of Song dynasty monk Ming insight mirror invites, Kai yi Weng Shaoren, disciple, Heilongjiang and other tours to Japan, according to song codes Zen of Xuan field wind. Chunyou nine years (1249), built in Sheung Lok SI CHAN, this is Japan Kamakura Zen Dojo first. Bao blesses the first year (ad 1253) founded in Ju Fu Jian-long Temple, Bao blesses three years (1255) in February, raised casting bells since inscription, place "built a long Buddhist temple Abbot Song Sha Road, long", from Japan have a temple name. First year of xiangxing (1278) in July died, Kameyama Emperor gave way long "great enlightened Zen master" posthumous, this is Japan the first Zen master bestowed.
Tiantong Temple East of the monks a lot, there is no ancestral heads of State, first also in the Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty Ming chǔ jùn lecture to Japan.
Since 1979 repair, tiantong Temple, every year, a large number of Japan came to visit, access. In 1980, there are about more than 30 visits to tiantong.
Large visits over the years are:
In May 1980, Japan caodong pipe length, Big Ben Shan Dharani SI Guan Yi chuan Jin ying and large Buddhist temple visited this mountain total ginseng worship days over more than 130 children, when the octogenarian elders ACETO, visits have long sought the Tian Tong Zuting am very pleased.
In November 1980, Japan caodong visit tiantong Temple visit tiantong delegation of more than 170 people in six classes, among them four and five missions and youth by Japan caodong pipe length, led by Ben Shan Guan Qin Huiyu, Eiheiji.
In November 1983, Japan NET Jackson visiting delegation visit tiantong hundreds of ginseng, NET Zen monks jointly held such as learning from the two countries.
From 1985 to 1988, Japan School of Zen, Tsurumi-Ku, Yokohama women's colleges each year group tiantong Temple, hundreds of people come to practice, amounted to more than 3,700 more than 4 years.
In November 1986, Japan caodong pipes before long, Eiheiji Guan Niwa Yasuyoshi led a delegation to visit.
In July 1987, Japan for Japan-China friendship and cultural exchange "wrap thousands of boat" A-120 group of more than 170 people in tiantong Temple Buddhist hold a tea ceremony.
In October 1988, headed by the Mayor of Ono, Yamauchi Samurai, baoqing Temple vocational yě liáng dào, Deputy Head of the North's Japan chief mission of baoqing temple city of Kai Shan JI Zen master home leave hundreds of ginseng to visit tiantong Temple.
In November 1990, the Japan caodong sect Motoyama Eiheiji Guan Niwa as the honorary head, head of the prison hospital last month, according to the friendly visit to China and Japan big bad North of baoqing Temple level yě liáng dào, visited the mission, led by a total of more than 220 people, tiantong Temple, to attend the grand illusion NET Chan Shi Chongen baoqing mountain silence round Jackson monument and monument can be completed by.
Nearly ten years ago, tiantong Temple should Japan parties invited, five times to go to Japan for a friendly visit.
In November 1982, Japan-Japan Friendship Association of Nagano Prefecture caodong five units at the invitation of Abbot with the wide rate of religious tourism in Zhejiang Province delegation visited Japan Eiheiji, General Temple more than more than 20 monasteries. Yomiuri Shimbun and the Mainichi, Kyodo News, Fukuda news and other Japan newspapers have reported the news, published the picture.
In October 1989, Japan, Chairman of the Japan-China Friendship Association of Nagano Prefecture caodong boyou Murakami at the invitation of Xiang Jian visits Japan.
In October 1990, the Japan Masuda city, Shimane Prefecture Mayor shén qí zhì yī láng invitation, Abbot and undistracted Deputy Yang ming Temple to attend snow in Masuda city of ships, the Memorial Hall was completed and Shirley Zhou Shi Qing Zen statue unveiling ceremony. While Eiheiji should be invited to visit the temple.
In July 1991, headed by the Abbot with the Ming Yang, Xiang Jian, Deputy Head of the six-Member goodwill missions in tiantong, Japan big bad North of baoqing Temple level yě liáng road, at the invitation of visiting Japan to participate in "tablet of baoqing temple mountain of Lonesome Jackson" method of completion. Meanwhile visited Otsu, a famous Temple in Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo and other places, to which both received a very warm welcome.
In May 1992, Japan School of Zong Zongwu General dà zhú míng yàn invitation, Abbot and Yang Guang Ming to take a back seat to Yokohama to attend Japan caodong plum flow establishment 40 anniversary National Conference on instructions of chanting and a friendly visit.
Japan a narrow strip of caodong wind in one continuous line. Tiantong Temple, and Japan has a long history of caodong Dharma, Buddhism in China and Japan left bright page in the history. Knot in the Triple Gem bless, nǎo sù total sleep and four banks. Tiantong Temple and the Japan Buddhist wholesome Karma will always pass, have a niche in the Temple of Fame.