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Tiantong News
"One world" Buddhist painting and calligraphy exhibition exhibits selection (a)
Ningbo Tiantong temple and Ningbo Sheng Culture Industry Co. Ltd. jointly organized the "one world" Buddhist painting and callig
Japan rissho Kosei Kai Fukui line visit Ningbo Tiantong Temple Church
Ningbo Tiantong Temple Buddhist school science class third
"One world" contemporary painting and calligraphy art exhibition Preface
The people of the province in the Commission deputy party secretary, deputy director Wu Caixing line to Tiantong Temple visits t
The third session of the "Tiantong Temple lay Buddhist training class" enrollment
Tiantong Temple Temple repair origin
Zhejiang Tiantong Temple held second session of lay Buddhist training class graduation ceremony
Tiantong Temple of the second land law, the altar with net
The Qingming Festival all the monks of the temple and tower and offering great patriarchs Ben Temple monk
Lunar New Year's Day Buddha Maitreya Christmas Zhang room class in French
Tiantong Temple of Sakyamuni Buddha in the land law will be held
Tiantong Temple of bidding farewell to the old and welcome the new year on
For the new year
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