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Buddha light: the expression of beauty transfer positive energy -- Buddha online second annual photography contest was officiall

Buddha light: the expression of beauty transfer positive energy -- Buddha online second annual photography contest was officiall

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What is the pursuit of photography? Is the shape, is God, is the beautiful mood, or the vast world?

Buddhism advocates? Is the reason, is the idea, is the ethereal realm, is the eternal devotion!

Not bad for two thousand years because the Buddha Dharma, the pursuit of truth, passed to the public a positive energy, we all worry. Promoting and inheriting medieval Buddhist, plays an irreplaceable role in the revival of traditional culture Chinese.

"Bodhisattva online" for many years committed to the dissemination of Buddhist faith, and make unremitting efforts to inherit the wisdom of buddha. In 2012 April, successfully held the first photography contest, contest special visits of up to 50000000 PV, the total vote of more than about 300000; at the same time, the search engine included soared to 1400000; the total participants exceeded 500, a total of more than 6000 pieces of works included. Photography contest has been China's national religion, full support and widely reported in the Chinese nation, Tencent, YAHOO network, network and other 26 large media.

After the Buddha's light and harmonious Buddhism Buddha Bodhisattva online first contest online team again launched a grand "Buddha light: the expression of beauty transfer positive energy" as the theme of the second annual photography competition.

"Set to poke the auspicious light, make the long days of song." The contest aims to Buddhist law, will be "positive energy" transfer to all beings, to give people a great confidence and hope, encouraging people to pursue a happy life at the same time, charitable giving, Guangde. To show the full picture photography theme of Buddhist art, infectious, the new face of Chinese Temple monks, show contemporary Buddhist culture pure infection.

Game time from March 18th officially began soliciting contributions, the deadline for May 6th, and officially announced the award in June 18th. All entries will be displayed in the Bodhisattva online website, and accept the Buddhist and the voting participation. In addition, the contest has been the strong support of the various provinces and cities nationwide by the Buddhist Association, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Chinese digital, deputy secretary general and Chinese contemporary famous scholars as the judges.

Compared with the first session of the contest, the contest in the participating judges, content and media reports are more professional, more standard, fully reflects the competition degree of attention, and strive to make the event a Buddhist boutique events, become the important activities of all Buddhist friends and friends.

Expert judges the authority to review: this photography contest will be made by the vice president of the Buddhist Association of China Yongxin monk, monk, so is Ci monk, Yinshun monk, the monk Zeng Qin, Deputy Secretary General of speech perception monk, as well as the contemporary renowned scholar Professor Huang Xinchuan, Professor Fang Litian, professor Lou Yulie, Professor Yang Cengwen participate in review. At the same time, the new revision of the special system of photography contest, to ensure open, fair and equitable works, works, to better convey the expression of "beauty contest theme, transfer positive energy".

Activity content: the contest to convenient in Contemporary Buddhist culture as the center, as long as it is associated with the Buddhist monks and temples, temple architecture, landscape, Buddhism, Buddhist sites can participate in the content such as pictures, no other special requirements. Each participant can send up to 20 photos to participate; organizers will all works are displayed in the online atlas channel bodhisattva. The final winner selected by online voting and expert review.

Awards prizes to encourage the upgrading: Buddhist friends to actively participate in the activities of more than 45 award winning places, a total of up to hundreds of thousands, the first prize winner can get eight thousand yuan in cash awards and certificates, with the best Popularity Award, special award, special award, let more friends to participate in the Buddha among them, looking forward to Buddhist friends take good photos, share photos, transfer positive energy.

Professional media support: this photography contest won the China national religion, law, Chinese Buddhism, Sina, YAHOO, Hongkong Buddhism Buddhist channel network, Buddhism Buddhist channel navigation, full network and a number of large media support, as well as reported by a well-known websites; season will have a professional service team responsible for the whole contest publicity and solicitation, online voting, the organization works, supervision contents of assessment, to ensure competition in professional services.

In the Buddhist tradition, the concept of culture and art always occur in the relation schema twins, regardless of any level of pluralistic structure of what society can not be separated from the relationship. This activity is to promote the network teaching, leading the Buddhist friends to actively communicate with each other, for the purpose of learning, through the perspective of their own performance, the epitome of a strong Buddhist culture, show the new horizon of Buddhism, Buddhist art to create unique value. Art is everywhere, the eye is not afraid to miss.

Whether you are at home or in the home, whether you understand photography, as long as the moment you touched the heart, as long as the moment you capture the wonderful, you made. It is a quiet and peaceful, may have a solemn auspicious, as long as the pure culture of Buddhism, then use your eye, your ideas, your camera, freeze the moment of shock.

Pick up the camera, to capture the beauty, create art, buddhism. "Buddha" online "second annual photography contest, look forward to your participation.

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