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"Buddha light --" China dream "third Bodhisattvas online photography contest starts

"Buddha light --" China dream "third Bodhisattvas online photography contest starts

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"All conditioned phenomena, such as pipe dream. As the dew also like electricity, should be the same. "

Dream, is such a life boat sail wisdom strength; dream, is time precipitation under expectation. But the dream like visions easy empty! The fleeting time, want to keep a flash of color, it must use the true picture that wonderful moment......

It is a orange dream! Is also a red dream! Noble, mysterious, solemn! In the dream process, no matter how difficult the road, how the thorns everywhere, Bodhisattva online will accompany you embark on a new journey of dream!

If Buddhism philosophy foundation for the Chinese dream, so cultural renaissance is the route one must take China dream. Thousands of years of Chinese culture is full of wisdom. Buddhism is an important part of Chinese culture. In order to realize the dream of China we need the wisdom of Buddhism, Buddhist cultural revival and return to. Let's pick up the camera, in order to realize the dream of light spread Chinese wisdom. In 2014, "China dream" light and shadow "Buddha Bodhisattva online" third annual photography contest will be officially launched in March 26th.

"The Prajna eyes painted Chinese dream", after the two session of the Bodhisattva online photography contest, the contest will be "positive energy transfer, circle Chinese dream" as the theme, you once again to create a record of Buddha light platform. China dream is everyone's dream, if can take the wisdom eye, you remember that moment is wonderful, the orange dream, like the rising sun, not far from us.

With immediate effect, the official for the national and overseas artists, deadline for May 20th, and officially announced the award in July 3rd. Will you all the entries displayed in the Bodhisattva online website, not only have the Dharma friends vote for you, the experts and photographers will offer wonderful comments; can do online communication, also can experience sharing. The majority of the platform to allow you to "dance of color"! In addition, the contest has been the strong support of the various provinces and cities nationwide by the Buddhist Association, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Chinese digital, deputy secretary general and Chinese contemporary famous scholars as the judges.

Authoritative and professional: this photography contest invited by the vice president of the Buddhist Association of China Yongxin monk, monk, so is Ci monk and Deputy Secretary General monk jointly participate in the evaluation of speech perception. In order to ensure the work appraisal fair, open, justice, photography contest will be the new revision of the special system, take the latest poll, as long as they are good works, will not escape the eyes of the public.

Convenient and widely: Buddhism around world, so long as the work can show correlation with Buddhist culture content, will be qualified, such as a monk, Buddhist temple scenery, two public activities. As long as each of the contestants with comments, send 20 or less or 20 photos to the specified mailbox, the organizers will all work on display in the online atlas channel bodhisattva. Finally through online voting and expert review selected excellent works.

Generous and rich: the total activities of up to tens of thousands of, the first prize winner can get 8000 yuan in cash awards and certificates, with the best Popularity Award, special award, special award, the award-winning places more than 45. Chance of winning a lot, don't hesitate to half a step, earlier involved, get more chance to vote, not at this time, when?

Dream! What is the Chinese dream? Dreams of the ideal? Great dream? Actually otherwise, have a heart of wisdom, will have a "dream!

Let our dreams with orange wings.

Flying over the north, across the southern border

Let Chinese boat of dream on Prajna

Flight over the East China Sea, across the Atlantic

Don't forget to pick up the camera, retain the wonderful interpretation of dreams, the buddha!

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