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Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association was established and held its first meeting

Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association was established and held its first meeting

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Xuedou mountain in Xuedou Zi Sheng Temple on behalf of Zen Buddhism, dragon like men. Five Dynasties period, the cloth bag monk passed away from the world of Fenghua, said this verse: "Maitreya Maitreya, may from time to time in the world, the incarnation; the world since i." So it is considered to be an incarnation of Maitreya, Xuedou mountain so revered as the Buddha Maitreya should reveal, to become China's Maitreya dojo is located. The Song Dynasty Zen sect was a large heavy show Jackson in tin Xuedou mountain, the Southern Song Dynasty, was designated as one of the "five ten brake", Ming as "one of the ten branches of the Zen Temple", the period of the Republic of China Master Taixu initiative Xuedou mountain Maitreya temple to win to become China's five famous Buddhist mountains in one, Zhao Puchu the president also agrees, is more far-reaching impact.

In September 2nd, Maitreya Buddha field, Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association was formally established, and held the first session of the Council. The aim, in order to better implement the party's religious policy, effective control of the local Buddhist resources, Ningbo City Hall proposed to build the fifth great Buddhist mountains of target with better, more orderly and expand the influence of the Maitreya culture, to play the monk's cleverness, train and bring up a group of professionals and legitimate Buddhism places for people, the Buddhist activities orderly organization of religious people.

At 9 in the morning, the General Assembly kicked off in the solemn national anthem. During the meeting, the Ningbo Public Complaints Bureau Director Zhang Huizhen, Fenghua Municipal Committee United Front Work Department Minister He Jianbo on behalf of the party and the government made an important speech, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo City, good faith on behalf of the Ningbo municipal master Buddha cooperation an important speech, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang province Yi Tibetan master on behalf of the Ningbo snow sinus Mountain Buddhist Association Preparatory Committee to prepare a report. Fenghua Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Director Wang de read "reply" to set up a Ningbo Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association, Zhejiang Province, the people were appointed deputy director Ni Zhongyang, Ningbo municipal government deputy secretary general Zhang Ni Co Ningbo Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association Award, announced that Ningbo Xuedou Mountain Buddhist association.

Then the Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association held the first congress. The meeting adopted the "Ningbo Xuedou Mountain Buddhist Association articles of association" and the relevant management rules and regulations, elected the first session of the Council of Xuedou Mountain Buddhist association. The committee said it would better to unite the people outside the church, adhere to the patriotism and religion to adapt to socialist society and the way, strengthen the self construction of the Buddhist community, improve the overall quality of the four disciples, the Xuedou mountain construction as the fifth famous mountains, research and promotion of Maitreya culture.