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Hangzhou Yongfu Temple Abbot master or a fall

Hangzhou Yongfu Temple Abbot master or a fall

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In March 24, 2015, Hangzhou Yongfu Temple Abbot read Yinshun rises will be held. Provincial and municipal leaders and elders to be congratulated Zhu Shan, four disciples to thousands of people go to the ceremony.

On the same day at 9 in the morning, read Yinshun rises will be held, flying, Yongfu Temple Buddha, surrounded by flowers, bells and whistles, guests, 100 blessing solemn. Yongfu Temple Two public order at the ready, the mountains to read Master Shun granted religious elders. Vice president of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk, Yinshun integrity award program. President of the Buddhist Association of Hangzhou Lingyin Temple Abbot light spring monk had to read Master Shun granted bowl, and say this verse "Tathagata should not abandon its container. Not only for food, but also a capital "read along the master said" in Buddhism ", would like to bowl repair product becomes food for all sentient beings, often of futian.

In the ceremony, President of the Buddhist Association of Hangzhou, the Lingyin Temple Abbot light spring on behalf of the Hangzhou Buddhist monk congratulatory praise, read along the mage in management of temples, wind construction, charity, foreign exchange and other large number of very fruitful work, won the abbot also enjoy popular confidence. Hope in the read along under the leadership of the monk, Yongfu Temple Two public order can implement all kinds of religious policies and regulations, mining the excellent traditional culture of Buddhism, carry forward the fine tradition of his mercy, practice of Humanistic Buddhism thought, for Hangzhou's economic and social development, make new contributions to the realization of the dream of China.

The Yongfu Temple held a Zen monk calligraphy exhibition.

Read Yinshun monk in Tiantai Mountain in 1992, 1991, 1994 by the concept of learning and teaching, Sangha, as long as the educational administration work on the Tiantai Mountain College of Buddhism, a Buddhist attainments and strong organization and coordination and management ability, deeply expound the texts of Buddhism fancies of men of letters, proficient in everything, Deputy Secretary General of the Hangzhou Buddhist association. 2005 Nian Yinshun Yongfu temple to temple in 2009 served as deputy, Yongfu Temple Prison hospital.