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The integrity of monk to Buddhist saying another nursing home

The integrity of monk to Buddhist saying another nursing home

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Qing Dynasty temple is located in Haishu District, Ningbo City, beautiful environment, here is the Ningbo Buddhist Hospital location. Shao Ping lay under the leadership of hundreds of old Buddhist meditation with Amitabha Buddha, Dharma will be held monthly.

March 26th 9 am, vice president of the Buddhist Association in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk Shao Ping integrity, a prayer, in Qing Dynasty the temple main hall open statement.

The integrity of the monk to the Pure Land Sect explain profound theories in simple language to explain the theme of the Pure Land Sect, introduced to the programme of the letter. The pure land school practice: five week, feed, chanting, visualize, holding, and introduces in detail the five amendment detail points and special merit. Encourage the elderly Buddhist believers to establish a correct concept of causality, strong letter may improve the Buddha. For the old mortality test, see down, keep the common heart to face.

The Shao Ping scholar then spoke, thanks to the discovery of the monk, summarizes the discovery points to encourage initiates worked very hard and bright double, comfortable life.

Followed by a purification ritual.