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Zhejiang Province, ethnic and religious study service center held the opening ceremony

Zhejiang Province, ethnic and religious study service center held the opening ceremony

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The morning of March 13th, the province of ethnic and religious study service center held the opening ceremony. Tiantong Temple Abbot honest monk attended on invitation. The people of the province party secretary, chairman Zong Feng Zhili attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech.

The opening ceremony of the center deputy director Zhou Jun under the auspices of Feng Zhili, director of the opening, and staff posed for pictures. Then held a meeting, the staff of the centre to speak, have expressed in the future work to improve the ability and quality, compliance, solid work, hard work, and resolutely fulfill the tasks assigned by the leadership.

On the meeting, director Feng Zhili and the future development of the center made four wishes. First, to work to have a requirement. With dedication, responsibility and the attitude of excellence, with a grateful heart to work, to establish the annual work objectives as soon as possible, the decomposition of tasks. Second, to learn to have a requirement. Ethnic and religious work has a strong political, policy, mass, sensitivity and complexity, to keep learning the theory and policy of Marx's religious and ethnic and religious concept, and constantly improve their own theoretical level, and constantly improve the political discernment and sensitivity, establish a working theory of self-confidence, to realize that there is the action of thought is powerful the thinking is the work quality. Third, the person wants to have requirements. This is reflected in the work and get along with people, every comrade should be physical health, psychological sunshine, frank exchanges, mutual help and understanding. Fourth, team building to have a requirement. Everyone should try to establish a good public image, the center of social image, have the team consciousness, do a work of the heart, the heart of learning, to promote unity, to create an atmosphere, to create a healthy, sunny, efficient work team.

Ni Zhongyang vice director, province, ethnic and Religious Committee member, Provincial Committee United Front Work Department of the director Ni Weidong, the center staff and offices responsible person to attend the meeting.