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Poland documentary shot in Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

Poland documentary shot in Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

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In April 13, 2015, Mr. Jakubowski TELPRESS ATP, director of Remigiusz Poland, led the team to one of the famous temple of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou China ten propaganda documentary, shooting, and the site for an interview with the Lingyin Temple Abbot light spring master, to the people of Poland on the Lingyin Temple, Lingyin Temple of contemporary cultural history of Buddhist culture and carry forward the new face of the Sangha, Lingyin Temple Buddha also, in some areas in the world behind the ongoing conflict, hunger, war and other issues of deep foundation, from the perspective of the Buddhist karma, and said if everyone can pursue the five precepts ten good, do good "million culture spirit of tolerance, to social harmony, the harmony of the world.

It is reported, Remigiusz Mr. Jakubowski last year had made a documentary about Chinese, caused a Chinese hot in Poland, so he decided to once again set foot on this piece of land Chinese oriental culture, the lens to the Chinese religious faith. This series of pictures, is the theme of world religion, "interpretation of the relationship between God and man". He went to the Lingyin Temple, to the depth of the record of Buddhism, Hangzhou Buddhism show reflected the religious feelings Chinese tolerance.