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The Buddhist Association of China ninth national representative conference successfully concluded

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For a period of 3 days of the Buddhist Association of the Ninth National Conference in April 21st Chinese concluded in Beijing. The meeting summarized the Buddhist Association of Chinese since the Eighth National Congress of the work, in-depth analysis of the situation and tasks facing the current and future periods, to study the deployment of the main work in the next 5 years, the Buddhist Association of China approved the work report of the Eighth Council of the Buddhist Association of Chinese and "Regulations (Amendment)", through the "Buddhist Association of the Ninth National Congress of Chinese resolution".

The meeting invited Pabala Grelange Buddha, a Presbyterian, Presbyterian printed for the honorary president of the Buddhist Association of China, elected to the Venerable Master Xuecheng as president of the Buddhist Association of Chinese new leadership, Jamyang Losandioume Tudan Che Gio Nima (reservoir), Hu Balong Zhuang Meng (DAI), Banchanerdeni Cogijeb (Tibetan), Sheng Hui, Jucon Tudenkju, chi (hidden) Zemelin Tenzingchile, Shagen Badendorji, (Tibetan), Yongshou (Tibetan), Yongxin, Ming Sheng, awakening, such as Rui (female), such as the Miao Jiang Zhan, clear, pure, heart, Masaji, Yin Shun, increasing frequently, speech perception, Zong, Rinchhen Ange (Tibetan), Lobsang Jamba (Qiongcang straight hole reservoir), Zhao Jiujiu (Mongolian), bishop, Jing Bo, Hu Xuefeng, Ming Hai (Mongolian), Dongbao Zhongba (Tibetan), Zhao and Dai (DAI), Wu 32 people elected vice president of the Buddhist Association of China. The meeting also elected a new session of the Council, the Standing Council, elected vice chairman of the Advisory Committee chairman.

The closing ceremony by the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Chinese master presided over the case. President of the Buddhist Association of Chinese master Xue Cheng, deputy director of the State Bureau of religious affairs Jiang Jianyong speech at the closing ceremony. China Buddhist Association vice president Zheng CI Ren Qing, vice president of Dai, Zhao, Jack, such as Vice President & Vice President has to speak at the meeting. State Bureau of religious affairs of the central United Front Work Department two bureau director Zhao Xueyi, a secretary Pei Biao, inspectors and other responsible persons of relevant departments attended the closing ceremony.

Xue Cheng pointed out that President in his speech, China Buddhism and China dream the pursuit of value in many dimensions there are deep agreement. Chinese Buddhism Buddhist "requirements at four Tu", that is, all the parents well, well, well the national treasures. He said, "put forward and practice of Humanistic Buddhism" concept, adapt to the transformation of modern Buddhism is China Chinese society and make new development, is one of the many patriarch Dade vows and wisdom crystallization, and the efforts and practice Buddhism four disciples of Buddhism, but also "the Buddha land, benefiting sentient beings" embodies the spirit of the most vividly the. He called on the country to Buddhism Buddhist Compassion, harmony, adhering to China Hongbo spirit, continue to promote the practice of "Humanistic Buddhism", in order to enhance the national cultural soft power, to achieve the dream of Chinese contribution of wisdom. The development of Buddhism in the new period China he proposed three prospects: a new era of Buddhism, China should uphold the spirit of charity, according to the needs of the times, make new development, new achievements and new contributions. Two, in the new period Chinese Buddhism should be inherited the fine tradition of patriotic love of teaching, as the outstanding cultural resources to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream contribution and unique wisdom. Three, in the new period China Buddhism should enhance cultural awareness and self-confidence, create the conditions for the China Buddhism to the world, to defuse the crisis, global solutions to global problems with China Buddhist wisdom.

Deputy director of the State Bureau of religious affairs Jiang Jianyong said in his speech, the Buddhist Association of Chinese ninth national representative conference is an important meeting held under the new situation Chinese Buddhism, fully embodies the great unity of Buddhism, Chinese, fully demonstrated the China Buddhism good image and style, is a unity of the general assembly, the victory of the Congress, a meeting, but also a link between the past, the future is bound to the conference, Chinese Buddhism the healthy development in the future have a significant and far-reaching influence. He pointed out, the new session of the Buddhist Association of Chinese leadership team members on the increased on the 7 vice presidents, 12 new people, including the Han, Tibetan, Mongolia, Dai and other 4 ethnic groups, the overall structure is more perfect, more full of vigor and vitality. He put forward four proposals for the Buddhist Association of Chinese future work: one should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the meeting; two to more effectively play the role of the functions of the Buddhist Association of China; we should focus on three priorities, and do all the work; four to continue to consolidate and develop the good situation of harmony, unity, China Buddhist community stability. He hoped that the Buddhist Association, continue to hold high the banner of patriotism and love of education Chinese, adhering to go to adapt to socialist society, and strive to practice the thought of "Humanistic Buddhism", led the Buddhist circles and the vast majority of religious people, the human resources, would like to go together with, to open a new journey Chinese Buddhism, and create a new situation in China buddhism.

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