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Cao Dongzong cloth teachers develop to Japanese delegation to visit Tiantong Temple

Cao Dongzong cloth teachers develop to Japanese delegation to visit Tiantong Temple

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In March 5th, Cao Dongzong cloth Japanese teachers develop a visit Tiantong temple, by the vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk hospitality integrity.

To visit the staff are: Nakano Shigeta, Abe Masagoku, Shan, Beattie,, Zhang Kuang, Wuyi Road, in Kato Emune, Miura Nobuko, Miyanaga Masuke, Ishikawa Ohikaru, Tang Si, Nan Gong health letter.

Japan and China are neighbors across the sea, since ancient times and China have close economic and political exchanges and cultural exchanges, in which, Fahui Buddhism had a role of bridge and link.

Cao Dongzong created for Dogen, Japan today Cao Dongzong, to Eiheiji temple, total two big mountains, it has ten million followers, is the largest Buddhist sect in japan. Since the modern times is also the founder of the Komazawa University, Aichi University College and university and the well-being of the Tsurumi hospital, Tsurumi University, training a large number of talents for the Pope and Japanese society. To visit Japan of Cao Dongzong cloth for Japanese teachers form of Cao Dongzong cultivated a lot of talents.