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Four the disciples of Buddhism and the social from all walks of life of the old and new friends

Four the disciples of Buddhism and the social from all walks of life of the old and new friends

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Four the disciples of Buddhism and the social from all walks of life of the old and new friends:

Happy New Year everyone! First to pay New Year's call!

Matt Silver Rabbit clean shop, Earth Moon.

The monastery Jinlongfei, the increase of Buddha glory.

At the beginning of spring, all things recovery. Long temple, thousands of years in the Zen garden. Amid the mountains, to generation of many. Tiantong temple is located in the Taibai mountain towering, Cang Lin deep thick, sweet fragrance of the stream.

Since ancient times, in China there are many fascinating rumors, such as "Venus cents for" and "law" serpent "and" ocean mining Xi "," Maitreya "etc.. In the heroic mountain, named after the temple in the old Jain, and solemn. I began in the Jin temple, ZTE in the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty still retains the architectural. It has a "flavor of Tibetan mountain temple", the point of interest in Zen spirit and sentiment will occur, so many people longing. Now the Qing Long Gang of thousands of pagodas and less white small Baita a confrontation, obviously is a symbol of the Hajj.

In 2011 2012 the feet away, the bell is sounded. New year in this beautiful moment, in this year has been quietly mages, thank you for your concern and support! Thanks also to have to be my temple selfless help good faith system, wish you all the luck, good luck! Thank you!

Tiantong temple in this year in Ningbo city and Yinzhou District City, the Public Complaints Bureau and district leaders care under the guidance of the Buddhist Association, the correct leadership in the integrity of the monk, and actively cooperate with all deacons and monks, Buddhist temple, the staff, both in the organization and management, the wind, Dharma, networking reception the infrastructure construction, and charity, literature and other aspects have made some achievements.

The whole temple monks learning and instruction for relevant laws and regulations, the religious policy and the State Bureau of religious affairs, the implementation of the provisions of the state in the Buddhist Association, this year is the ninety anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and actively participate in the development of patriotic education activities, but also for the deployment and implementation of the Sangha qualified to work.

July Ningbo City Buddhist Association, and the Mount Putuo Museum of Fine Arts in Ningbo Buddhist Association jointly organized the "concentric counterparts, the calligraphy of Hong" -- to celebrate the ninety anniversary of the Communist Party of China into the middle Putuo road grew old, Tiantong Temple extensive repair elders calligraphy exhibition. Preaching preaching, Tiantong Temple held the fifth session of the understanding of Zen wisdom, harmonious life education activities in summer". The abbot every night in the hall to the master and student lecture "liuzu Tanjing". We listen to the Dharma are deeply grateful, we feel the edge. At the end of 10, held in Tiantong Temple Buddha medallion and Hong Chi Zen Zen cultural exchanges will be the 920 anniversary of the birth of". In order to meet the design method, the hall of heavenly kings, Buddha Hall, Fatang, Canon house made a number of antique frames. At the same time, the transformation of the hotel at Chang Gung Memorial Building, the old canteen. The hall of heavenly kings hall, main hall is a new paint job, such as the four kings, eighteen Arhats, a Buddism godness Guanyin Island, hold on the column, the merits of the case, the sign, the shrines were gold, painting or paint. There are church ring, two corridors of paint decoration. So, the entire temple is more beautiful and colorful, such as new, shiny. We specialize in processing some important documents, such as "national statute", "Hong Chi Zen quotations". In charity, donated relief funds for Japan earthquake, we will kindness to every corner of the world. By the end of seven, the Buddha and Zen meditation activities seven.

The new year, we should further strengthen the construction of wind, personnel, and other aspects of the faith. Efforts to restore the ancient plain forest model remain pure, spread advanced mining was suitable age to specification and exquisite unique Buddhist thought. Vigorously carry out various forms of preaching, expound the texts of Buddhism modern activities, maintain and repair, the unity of knowledge and action, egoism and altruism to route. We strive for the construction of spiritual civilization in Ningbo area, and the development of Buddhism with more power. We sincerely hope that our country thriving and prosperous! Ankang people happy! I wish

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