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Eighth of the fourth month in April the Tiantong Temple Buddha law will be held

Eighth of the fourth month in April the Tiantong Temple Buddha law will be held

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Eighth of the fourth month in April morning, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk led the integrity of two public order, more than two hundred people held a bathing, flowers. In the prince Chisheng loud like clock will go to the great hall, in the middle, orderly in the mass chanting.

Open the old read the book, see the Buddha jataka stories, with their own practice and experience of life, the understanding of the Buddha are different. We are aspiring to become a Buddha, the Buddha is a kind of state of life what? Further more, we need to study Buddhism, so if the Buddha in my current situation, what would he say, what to do? If you do not often go to think, our purpose in life, may be slowly forgotten.

Many people may be the same, in the beginning to come into contact with Buddhism, the Buddha image is vague, and there are many doubts. Often attend Buddhist jataka stories. Was very moved. Life is bitter, worry and incomplete in life beyond. Although I can't imagine the Buddha realm, but still crave that life changes, whether free and easy.

There are two Buddha, in the eyes of the public image. One is like one sings and the Mahayana sutras describe, compassion and wisdom have a "body color, gold Guangjing spotless, clean purple glazed entry, auspicious statue of great wisdom, Wade name, in addition to the dark." "Heaven has no such as the Buddha, the world is also very ten. All I see, everything is like a buddha." Such as "Xian Yu Jing" as the Buddha, in order to obtain a verse in the body dug one thousand holes lamp support; in order to protect a dove and cut their meat and so on, it is out of great compassion, Buddha realm of consciousness, do the heart is light and free and easy.

Another image, is like a teacher and brother of the buddha. He often came to my side, in the words and deeds with words of wisdom, give me inspiration. He is willing to talk with me, but also willing to listen to me. "Four out" of the story, he saw the birth and old age, sickness and death, will be such a big impact in the heart, willing to abandon the throne to find the truth of life.

A more touching story, a grand ceremony in the spring, the public jubilation, Prince Siddartha saw the birds eat worms in the soil, the heart is a pity, then a bird fly, and the birds ate. The prince immediately by simple compassion see the deeper pain, all went to kill each other, but no one can escape from death. If it is me, would think so? All people will ignore the little things, because the heart is numb. Only the pure heart, go to dye heart, can see these, and from the excitation power practice for liberation.

Therefore, these two types of images are very important to us. When we are with a . When we are with a Dharma, a good knowledge, a method corresponding to the time, really fit, this is our faith is rooted deep, Dharma, but often need to look up at the Buddha Buddha is a merit, teach us in every realm to what is the best way to face. May be stripped of all the mental barriers, put aside all the stereotypes, we can more deeply understand the mentality of the Buddha, and what he did for us all.