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Tiantong Temple sixth repair activities questionnaire

Tiantong Temple sixth repair activities questionnaire

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Name Gender Age Nation Photo


Cultural degree Marital status telephone number

Study or work unit

Specialty and hobby

How do you know this eventFriends □ Internet □ other□

Address and zip code E—mail

Contact in case of emergency Contact information

Please fit your situation in the following options after the draw "tick", and fill in the appropriate content:

2 health status:

A) your current physical condition is: A. - B. - C. and general health. The prevalence of D..

B) have no history of infectious diseases: A. - B. -; if so, have disease

C) are you in life and need special care: A. - B. yes; if necessary, please briefly explain the situation in.

3 buddhist:

A) you first time contact with Buddhism

B) summarize your contact with Buddhism karma in one sentence

Have you ever been to c): A. - B. or - you are converted to time

D what you uphold precepts): A. - B. - C. the five precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts are not ordained.

E) did you learn the way of practice: A. - B. is not.

Your main Buddhist meditation method is: A. - B. - C. - D no chanting sutras.

If learned, you often practice hard:

A. - B. - C. often sometimes never - D. every day.

Generally how long a hard

F you often read Buddhist Scriptures): A. - B. - C. often sometimes never - D. every day.

Please list some of the influence of Buddhism on the classic books or you

Have you participated in any g) collective practice activities (including qigong)

H) you the biggest confusion and disorder

I) you wish to have what side guide

4 you for this repair activities have any suggestions and expectations:

5 please describe your life, study background, study Buddhism or Buddhist impression (no less than 300 words).

Contact person: Art Master warehouse telephone: 0574 - 88480624

A master room telephone: 0574 - 88480525

E-mail: nbttcs @ this form completed directly to the mailbox or to design art master

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