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Tiantong Temple sixth "understanding of Zen wisdom, harmonious life" summer of learning and practicing activities

Tiantong Temple sixth "understanding of Zen wisdom, harmonious life" summer of learning and practicing activities

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August 2, 2012 - August 8th, the temple of the success of the sixth "understanding Zen Hui, harmonious life" summer of learning and practicing activities. From Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other 12 provinces, a total of 126 students participated in this event.

The summer camp activities, aims to provide a platform for learning Buddhism for the students, through 7 days of monastic life, and the rich and varied content, to create an atmosphere of purification of the soul. At the same time, the perception of life everywhere in Zen, has a comprehensive understanding and the understanding of Buddhism, to establish a correct outlook on life and values.

Summer camp activities from the daily recitation of the Diamond Sutra, sit incense to the wide-ranging talks, so that students get a thorough cleansing journey. The opening on the first day, the temple master to lead the students to the temple pilgrimage. To understand the Tiantong temple has a long history and rich culture of buddhism. At the same time, the mages to discovery of Buddhist rituals, three converted to Buddhism, vegetarian interest, understanding and so on, in order to spread Buddhism knowledge growth of Buddhist faith. In addition, the abbot monk students integrity is the "heart". The monk is simple, with vivid case to explain the heart sutra. The students listened intently, benefit. Continuous three day seminar supreme perfection.

Every day at 4 in the morning, the students gather in the hall, around the Buddha chanting Buddha, the heart is pure. Then everyone piety chanting "Diamond Sutra", sound wave, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. In the Jade Buddha Temple, leaving the students put aside personal focus on meditation, precipitation and seated figure, Chan Huicun in mind.

Seven days of the temple in meditation, let the students get the full experience. The abbot monk integrity, monitoring meter art master, a master to listen to their customer experience. We will speak, the days of Buddhism, Zen experience weiweidaolai. At the same time, the mages more patience to answer students' questions, let everyone suddenly see the light, the heart of thanksgiving. After that, the students to express their gratitude, the gratitude of the words with a pen, the sincere card, and their intention to resort to vow, written in one one cards, posters, encourage each other. Activity comes to an end, the temple held a grand master of the lamp method, and the students in the hall, the monk under the guidance of each light for each lamp, the lamp of wisdom throughout every corner of the world. In the tea party, the abbot monk to watch the students carefully prepared performances. The students used the Song painting, inscriptions, ventriloquist, sketches and other forms to express their true feelings.

Finally, the method will be successfully on the occasion, through 7 days of learning and practicing activities, students in the understanding of the importance of the three treasures. There are nearly 30 people signed up conversion and keep the five precepts. During the period, due to various reasons such as typhoon climate, mountain landslides after the temple Abbot monk, integrity led the monks went to the scene of disaster, there are some students to participate in, this is your sincere support Sambo, a reflection of the refuge.

I didn't know it until now: only this, real refuge. Do form tho, dedicated life, believe and accept frequently pursue! " The song of the summer camp activities in meditation students singing the song of a curtain falling treasures.