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The integrity of the monk was invited to participate in the eastern Buddhist Studies Association 50 anniversary celebration and

The integrity of the monk was invited to participate in the eastern Buddhist Studies Association 50 anniversary celebration and

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In September 2nd, President of New York should be America Eastern Buddhist studies always invited Xue Yan, the abbot monk, the integrity of Hangzhou Lingyin Temple Abbot light spring Abbot source, Ashoka Temple community attended the 50 anniversary of the establishment of the Buddha light and always will. In this method, there will be all over the world and more than 500 members who have also rushed to the venue with the dip method hi.

The integrity of the monk and the elders of the three saints of the West Mountains to Buddha means a Mahayana Buddhist temple, and made an important speech at the celebration meeting, wish the adhering to the teachings of the Buddha Buddhism at carrying forward, let more believers to understand buddhism. At the same time, through this activity to better carry forward the Sino American Buddhist cultural exchanges, finally I wish the conference a complete success opening method.

After the meeting, visit the New York temple, West Temple and the San Francisco City of Ten Thousand Buddhas had the famous temple, the ladies masters of hospitality, and honest monk and all of them were deeper Buddhism exchange, one one praise mages in foreign countries, the spirit of.

The eastern Buddhist Association "founded the Jin Yutang scholar, to maintain the" Chinese national dignity "," the need to provide the Department of Chinese compatriots of religious belief". With her good wishes, experienced all kinds of hardships in Chinatown in New York, founded the first Chinese Buddhist organization - the eastern Buddhist Association, and then built the temple of mahayana. Gold in New York and a Buddhist temple, which is to meet the needs of the local Buddhist, also contributed to the Sino US cultural exchanges and friendly exchanges of buddhism! The significant and very significant. This is her love for the motherland, the spirit of sincerity.

Under her influence and impetus, Buddhism in New York has been developing rapidly, at the same time, many overseas Chinese have a good learning center and spiritual home. Through the study, can make the good people, family and social harmony, world peace.

The current president of Eastern Buddhism Association Xue Yan, to lay the body, the Bodhisattva way, adhering to a generation of law enforcement, law enforcement to write a new chapter in the monk, everywhere on the mother-in-law everything himself to look, all left her sweat, heart sincere, touching the line.