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Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City Hall vice mayor Chen Yijun to inspect the Tiantong Temple

Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City Hall vice mayor Chen Yijun to inspect the Tiantong Temple

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September 26, 2012 at 4 pm, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo municipal government deputy mayor Chen Yijun in the office of the municipal government deputy secretary general Zhang Ni, director Li Yongming, City Tourism Bureau of Religious Affairs Secretary Zhang Huizhen, Secretary Xu Haiping, the religious tourism bureau director Li Chongfei, accompanied by inspection of Tiantong temple. Vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk, integrity first part-time supervisor Cheung mage, prison, prison hospital de master plan, a master of arts master us warmly received the relevant leaders, and a meeting in the Royal library.

National Day double approaching, in order to express City Hall for Tiantong temple's concern and support, and create a peaceful atmosphere of the festival, the temple of my inspection guidance. The integrity of the monk accompanied visited the temple main hall, the main building, the Japanese Dogen law spirit trace monument, hall, hall of eighteen Arhats etc, and introduces in detail the construction style and features, and its function.

At the meeting, vice mayor Chen Yijun conveyed condolences to the City Hall Tiantong Temple resident holiday, and that the "Car Free Day" during the National Day holiday and to understand the details of the temple, the security problems. The integrity of the monk permanent representative, to express my heartfelt thanks to the leadership of the government's concern and support. Followed by a report and communicate in terms of security, the double wind construction, preaching, charity and exchanges. Affirmed the contribution to the society in recent years, Chen Yijun, vice mayor of Tiantong temple, and will vigorously promote Buddhism education, remarkable achievements made and all aspects of Buddhism, has played a positive role to the harmonious society.

Finally, the two sides presented gifts in the Royal library.