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Tiantong Temple held "mid autumn worship" blessing ceremony

Tiantong Temple held "mid autumn worship" blessing ceremony

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In September 30, 2012, when the Mid Autumn Festival, Tiantong temple in the square before the main hall, held "mid autumn worship" blessing ceremony. Li please the abbot monk master and integrity, and two more than 200 people attended the law. Later in the big hall lobby, tea Kam moon.

Method will be at the beginning of the monk Nianxiang, mass pious recite "namo moon hide Bodhisattva mahasattva". The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China, due to the moon one day full circle, the symbol of the reunion. In the practice of Buddhism, to complete the supreme Bodhi for what, I this festival Temple held a "mid autumn worship" blessing ceremony. Method after the honest monk believers worship offerings to distribute, for all values of Fu, the presence of the believers of all joy, Thanksgiving and compassion.

Then in front of all classes of Kam Tong, the first deacon tea moon, experiencing the "Taibai moon" brought about by the Zen life.

In the "empowerment" was recorded in volume twelve: "there are two Bodhisattva, a Sunday, two month net, is two times up to the Buddha Bodhisattva." As sunlight Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the moonlight and the great compassion mantra has close relationship. Those who recite the great compassion mantra to the heart of the practitioners, and no amount of moonlight Bodhisattva will gain the mantra of God came to check. The yogi in reciting the mantra later, if you can add to recite the moonlight Bodhisattva Tuo Ronnie, then when will moonlight Bodhisattva to shelter, the mantra "remove all obstacles and pain, and the achievement of all the good method, away from all kinds of fear.

The Bodhisattva of cool, often swim after all;

The hearts of all beings. Dirty, Bodhi appearing unexpectedly.