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Taiwan China Buddhist circle Pope elders rate "Guanyin Mount Putuo tour delegation visit Tiantong Temple

Taiwan China Buddhist circle Pope elders rate "Guanyin Mount Putuo tour delegation visit Tiantong Temple

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At 3 pm on October 23, 2012, by the Taiwan Buddhist Association of China Nanhai Guanyin in Mount Putuo tour representative director - Pope elders led the "group" line, accompanied by Vice President of the Buddhist Association of law rain temple, Mount Putuo prison hospital channel light mage, Tiantong temple to visit, accompanied by staff: China International Buddha monk merit honorary chairman of net Yao master, New Taipei City Buddhist Association of long air mage, Taichung City Buddhist Association chairman Chang Yong master, Nanhai Guanyin culture and Education Foundation Chairman Wu Tianchi, Secretary General of China Buddhist Association, repair Master Yi, as well as Taiwan 50 Temple Abbot master congregation of 300 people.

Vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk's integrity, and both supervisor Cheung mage, prison, prison hospital de master meter art master, deputy prison hospital may master, master, master's awareness among tact, picket cases are master in the king Dian Qian warm reception the delegation, and friendly discussion in Kam Tong, finally in the king Dian Qian of Taiwan blessing believers discovery.

Taiwan and the mainland, cross-strait Buddhist community is in harmony, to the Mount Putuo of the edge, the delegation led by Zong Changlao to round line hereby to Cao Dongzu court Tiantong temple to visit, the integrity of monk was accompanied by a king hall, main hall, thousands of monks, Gongtang, sleep hall, and in five Guan Tang introduced Maitreya Bodhisattva appears in the story, and the story another abbot. In the first round in the church elders also specifically from 182 generations of Abbot tablets for Jackson memorial tablets to clear your mind.

Followed by a discussion on the integrity of Kam Tong, monk said, China Buddhism and Taiwan Buddhism history for a long time, the same origin, in recent years, cross-strait Buddhist culture and education, legal exchanges more frequent activities, to create a good condition to promote the peaceful development of cross straits. Circular Pope elders Thanksgiving and the warm reception, expressed admiration for outstanding achievement in Tiantong temple, Buddhist meditation education rules, foreign exchange and other aspects, and invite the integrity of monk by the situation is right, led a delegation to visit Taiwan to. After that, the two sides exchanged gifts, and in the king before the group photo.

Finally, the Taiwan congregation invited monks in the integrity of king hall, for the discovery of blessing believers. The monk is introduced from the following aspects: 1, Tiantong Temple meditation in strict rules, the statute of the jungle specimens; and the "jungle to live, not live long" narrative, emphasize the versatility, human get rid of attachment, but also to the Bodhisattva's positive attitude into the world, to promote buddhism. 2, asked the congregation to cultivatie both blessings and wisdom, so that it can break trouble, get rid of the ego, the three realms, arhat, Bodhisattva achievement of perfect quality. 3, from the smell of conduct in Buddhism, the Buddha for the beginning of chanting, convenient, and understanding, to the last three methods together, to repair, to awaken. Finally, in order to "wisdom would have no trouble" ended the brief disclosure blessing, scene of the congregation applauded his gratitude monk compassion discovery.