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The total growing Valley Tetsuo line to Tiantong temple the ancestral home of the Japanese Komazawa University before five

The total growing Valley Tetsuo line to Tiantong temple the ancestral home of the Japanese Komazawa University before five

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On November 7, 2012 morning 9 when, by the total growing Valley Tetsuo line 18 to five Tiantong temple the ancestral home of the Japanese Komazawa University, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity hospitality Ootani Tetsuo, and had a friendly conversation at Kam tong.

The integrity of the monk said that the friendly exchanges between Chinese and Japanese, the long history of Buddhism, the Song Dynasty Japan Dogen admiration as net Jackson, from the practice of Zen by Cao Cao Dong, Dong Zen koan will spread to Japan, promote the culture of Cao Dongzong, this kind of spirit is the ordinary people not to do. Affected by Dogen for the spirit of the law, several aspects of Jackson, Lanxi core have been to Japan to build Japan's first meditation Dharma. The Buddhist monk is to promote Buddhist culture, not afraid of hard work, have a Buddhist exchanges. So since the Song Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, until now, the Buddhist monk who you are Buddhist, communicate with each other, each other to promote Buddhist culture. Especially in recent years, the two countries Cao Dongzong exchanges become more frequent, Yongping temple, temple have always made a lot of contributions Buddhist exchanges between the two countries. The Buddhist community in exchange for more than 700 years, the culture of Buddhism is no boundaries, regardless of race, I believe the future no matter when, the two countries will continue to communicate. Professor Ootani Tetsuo Cao Dongzong of Buddhism culture in Japan Komazawa University, is also a great move. So now the traffic more convenient, you came to the ancestral home, look at the temples, wind, and then communicate. In the past the Tiantong temple from the Song Dynasty to now, at least one thousand monks monk, monks more. Chinese Buddhist temples such as the University, so the monks to live to learn. In two the now and not about 200, still maintain the jungle Temple Temple practice, meditation masters rules strictly, improve the daily 7 incense strives hard, and invited Ootani Tetsuo to the conditions are right to sit in meditation experience case, incense. The teacher led a delegation to Tiantong Temple ritual progenitor, the Japanese Buddhist Cao Dongzong spread more widely, making a positive contribution to the two countries and the Buddhist culture.

Ootani Tetsuo thanked the monk cordial reception, Dogen into solution, Li Zu today, for the relations between the two countries to strengthen, to make some contribution to the Buddhism of friendship, has been very grateful. China and Japan in the premise of mutual friendship, we also established the "Japan Buddhist culture exchange, the hope that the two countries" Zen cultural exchanges more routine. Is a Japanese Zen master Dogen, such as net Chinese, the spread of Buddhism and promotion is no national boundaries, we have done a lot of Buddhist cultural communication activities, and hope that the integrity of the monk can go to Japan to promote the culture of Cao Dongzong, help us.

Subsequently, the two sides exchanged gifts, and posed for pictures in Kam tong.