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Deputy director of the Ningbo Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Wu and China to Tiantong Temple research

Deputy director of the Ningbo Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Wu and China to Tiantong Temple research

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November 9, 2012 at 10 am, Ningbo City People's Congress deputy director Wu and a line of 12 people to Tiantong Temple research, vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk in the integrity of King Dian Qian warmly received the deputy director Wu and China bank. Accompanied by research: the Municipal Law Committee of the NPC Standing Committee Jin Chao, director of Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs Secretary Zhang Huizhen, municipal people's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Gao Yong, He Lejun, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of religious affairs Li Weibo, the NPC Law Committee, Law Committee, Law Committee, and member of the Commission's work, law and Public Complaints Bureau comrades. The integrity of the monk was accompanied by a temple main hall and the Japanese Dogen law spirit trace and temple monument. Followed by a discussion on Kam tong.

At the forum, the integrity of the monk from the historical evolution, Tiantong temple hall of the rules, learn to repair both in daily life and other aspects of the monks are presented, as well as promote the situation of Cao Dong Zen culture and foreign exchange of achievements, contributions to charity. In recent years, some problems of qualification and insurance Temple monks. "The southeast mountain draft plan. The final details of the Buddha's life story and said. Listen to the monk's introduction, the participants expressed admiration and gratitude.

Subsequently, deputy director Wu and thanked for the warm reception of Buddhist monks, is the philosophy of human wisdom, the profound truth. The outlook on life and values of the people of great inspiration. Buddhism was spread for so long, is because it has a strong vitality, to people much more deeply, easy for people. To the national long period of stability, the well-being of mankind for the practical starting point. The rule of law, Buddhist temple also has its rules, modify the religious order, to seek the views of the temple master. To have a good atmosphere, good direction for the development of the route. Admiration of Tiantong temple made contribution in recent years.

Finally heard the deputy director of the Public Complaints Bureau Li Weibo, the religious places management approach (Amendment) of Wu and China report, deputy director and director Zhang Huizhen also made instructions and suggestions, the integrity of the monk also made valuable comments. The end of the talks the two sides in a harmonious atmosphere.