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Tiantong temple and Ming Yang two amphibious Purdue lent event

Tiantong temple and Ming Yang two amphibious Purdue lent event

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November 15, 2012 to 21, Tiantong temple and built Ming Yang two amphibious Purdue lent event, will be invited on sincere letter the abbot monk method, by the Zhejiang province Zhoushan city Putuo District the Buddhist heart and the method, a total of seven places: 1 places, 2 places 3 yen, 4 you 5 altar, altar, the altar, altar 6 land, 7 of the altar. The whole temple 150 master such as method such as law, chanting Li Chan, and casts the yoga yankou. Rely on the Buddha's compassion and blessings, dead easy, living for growth. And pray for world peace and prosperity, people's happiness.

And during the class and method statement released at will. The successful delivery of Saint, monk and Abbot in front of the faithful in the king took a group photo.

Land law, land and water will be referred to, also known as surface Dojo, sad Franciscan, is Chinese Buddhism by a funeral in the most solemn ceremony. This method is composed of Liang Wudi's "six Chi Chan" ("the emperor Liang repentance") and the Tang Dynasty Buddhism Ming road without cover which is combined of lent. "Water", was found in Song Dynasty (964 - 1032) in accordance with the "rectification of names" food, that the Department of "Zhu Xian to food in the water, the ghost to food in the net".