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Ren-chen year Tiantong Temple Buddha and the seven method in the great patriarchs portrait ceremony to greet

Ren-chen year Tiantong Temple Buddha and the seven method in the great patriarchs portrait ceremony to greet

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December 14, 2012 to 20, Tiantong Temple held Imjin year Buddha seven method. Tiantong Temple Abbot law will be invited for the integrity of the monk, the monk Buddha seven seven. This method will have come from Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo and the surrounding area is one of the four disciples of more than 500 people attended the law. Method will be a successful day, held in 182 Dynasties was the top like painting completion ceremony to greet.

Seven on the first day of the Buddha, four disciples. The monk monk Buddhist teachings, from the objective point, emphasis to practice Buddhism is to practice, and encourage everyone to send big heart, to be reborn to the Western Pure land. To the letter, and, in the analysis of the Dharma, that "one heart", to use Buddhism to understand our "heart", Buddhism to better harmony, but don't ask the harvest, a Buddha, buddha. Finally asked in believers to the "seven" period, in order to G C, will concentrate on the enlightenment, Buddha, reborn in the heavenly paradise.

During the seven day of your Buddha Temple, I class first deacon for believers, believers through the Buddha sophisticated seven, heart, heart, will be filled with admiration by the believers will be the special and mysterious, and sincere words and earnest wishes Thanksgiving in the resident and the monk. By seventh days, the king of the hall, all the people held a release method, back to the ancient clan reborn, earthly parents too; and is the afternoon, by the Xiamen city hall to set you on a Sambo disciples lent a Buddha and monks, for world peace, people's happiness.

The Buddha has a seven days afternoon 2 when, Tiantong Temple held 182 successive top was like painting completion ceremony to greet, portrait records from the mountains to the integrity of Yi Xing was Abbot monk 182 patriarchs. The stone portrait of mine as raw material, silk for the floor; by the Guangde Temple Buddhist culture of the painter, which lasted 3 years the painting, with the mounting technology produced. Portrait of solemn and elegant, is of great historical value, is the Buddhism culture Tiantong temple a benefit all sentient beings.