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The integrity of the monk presided over the Fenghua Panlong Temple Hui Ching master exit ceremony

The integrity of the monk presided over the Fenghua Panlong Temple Hui Ching master exit ceremony

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January 7, 2013 at 9 am, Fenghua Panlong Temple monks integrity monitoring master invited by Wen Hui, Panlong Temple Hui Qing master exit ceremony. Please exit the ceremony ceremony: Vice President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk Temple Ashoka's integrity, permit the old master, master of empty land temple, Panlong Temple prison hospital Hui master common method, and from the city of Ningbo, and four students more than 100 people attended this ceremony.

Hui Ching master who is a native of Anhui, since 2010 January, entering the diligent study, majoring in reciting the Buddha's name. Norishi Nobuyukijinmin Donen, honest, real and effective, good records, in order to permit. A good big monk "open"! Hui Ching Shih slowly out of the housing, welcome to the main hall, held a ceremony. After your integrity monk site discovery, monk Hui Qing affirmed the mage is able to adhere to the three years of study, faith, perseverance supergroup. And expounds the importance of the Buddhist retreat and the significance of the Dharma of the. After the Qing Hui master about his study experience in various customs, emphasize "or" the importance of, and told the presence of believers to "ring for the supreme Bodhi" as the foundation of training. Three years, obstacles, to complete the support ring, let yourself down. And the mental changes of their teachings and guidance, to study the empirical. To the Buddha as a teacher, take medicine, the monks to study. Finally vowed to austerity to the spread of Buddhism, the congregation of dharma.

Then welcome to the living room, holding the knife by the monk, as long hair three years Huiqing master shaving, also a dome. In view of the hall five at noon, Ningbo more than 40 disciples vegetarian hall, dedicated and monks, all the same Mengfayu law.

Finally, in the main hall before a group photo taken.