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Tiantong temple ren-chen year seven will be seven ceremony Zen

Tiantong temple ren-chen year seven will be seven ceremony Zen

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The morning of January 16, 2013, Tiantong temple at Imjin year Zen seven method solution method seven ceremony, ceremony will be the temple Abbot monk presided over the integrity of seven; the first temple class deacon, and seven and seven in seven nurses master knowledge service.

In December the fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the temple has a seven day, three on seven masters diligently study, today received a satisfactory result. A brief and solemn ceremony, and introduce the honest monk made a brief disclosure to the public, the monk asked, just 21 days has been in the past, the teachers in different ways, from the body and mind are light or higher awareness, hope the teacher have to redouble their efforts, their physical and mental changes observed at all times, do real work, work hard to do, bound, free of the monk said: "without a beginning of ignorance, transfer the cycle of life and death; today the Senate broken off, I also true colors." And certainly the division of internal and external motivation, praise Zen seven wins this year. Subsequently, the abbot and you first master class one one test (test work of Kung Fu): "a sentence?" Awoken in the hall, the teacher showed the expression of joy.

The last dimension that Yao Dao master shout: "this class to support the first and seven division three times" in the hall of the division; then all the first class clerk to Kam Tong, Li Xie Abbot monk compassion honesty education; late after class, to the Illuminati Hall (room) and the abbot Liao Xiao and false.

Later, by the abbot asked Da Liao, vegetarian dinner inside and outside the division, the Zen.