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Tiantong Temple "in the recruitment of volunteers volunteer group" origin

Tiantong Temple "in the recruitment of volunteers volunteer group" origin

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"Southeast Buddhist" Tiantong temple, the history of Buddhism in Chinese stage, a lot of cultural deposition, gave birth to many monks. Such as net Jackson, enlightenment Zen master Dogen, eight fingers, his master Yuan Ying, etc., are based on the actual practice Dharma and experience as a fundamental, is the old Dehua Buddhist temple, the Chinese model. Four disciples followed, asked the Taibai Mountain, reference. As of today, Tiantong Temple monk in good faith under the guidance of method of flourishing make gathered ten party. In order to develop to Buddhist concept of "compassion and wisdom, to serve the public better, service center. To the community year-round recruitment service center dedicated to the people of good will. At the same time make your volunteer "nityodyukta Bodhisattva", egoism and altruism not tired; solutions accordingly, make a practice of "the world of Buddha" walker. When the temple will be dedicated to the creation of "Buddhism etiquette", "orthodox Buddhism" and other series of training courses, to welcome all of you good hearted people who sign up eagerly, let us together for the first quiet, clean mind, to serve the public and work together. Specific requirements are as follows:

1, good health, no infectious disease, aged 18 - 50 years old; male or female, not limited to the number; remind the infirm, can not adapt to the temple of time do not apply.

2, must have the spirit of "dedication", bear hardship without complaint, to "service" for the purpose, and with his sincere and selfless to infect others.

3, subject to arrangements comply with the Buddhist temple, etiquette, cherish blessings, low carbon environmental protection.

4, the volunteer service mainly:

(1), a solemn temple, protects the triple jewel;

(2), large scale method;

(3), significant legal activities.

5, please sign up through the following two ways:

(1) the Tiantong temple, king hall, sitting room, storeroom for Volunteer Registration form;

(2), "the Tiantong Temple" landing site, download the registration form registration.

(3), on-site fill, please directly into the living room; website to download and fill in your mail to: Zhejiang Ningbo city Yinzhou District Dongwu town of Taibai Mountain Tiantong Temple < > in the master collection.

6, all volunteers to Bodhisattva, training services for the public.

Venue: Zhejiang Ningbo Tiantong Temple

Tiantong volunteer Tutor: the integrity of the monk

Volunteer: head of the master

Tel: 18888629980

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