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Tiantong temple Buddhism exchange group.

Tiantong temple Buddhism exchange group.

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"The law has not alone, battle environment birth", in the words of Zen in the back, from japan. Arrogant method eastward, Zen are fresh and have, or a meal or gradually, with the kind of solution. The side Xueren converges monasteries, cf. originally. However, such as blind as unknown reason, not just to repair the vehicle; the Buddha Nianhua, method pass through the ages, the vast, the wise man can. I shall be four of the monks of mercy, please, allow creation of Tiantong temple Buddhism exchange group, for the exchange of learning four. The good words, the wise man is always a good choice, good music, good sad. Yang or one, not the Enlightenment of the machine; for a long time, solution for the corresponding well meaning of music by law. This is wonderful!

Tips are as follows:

A nickname: Tiantong Temple Buddhist exchanges between the 1 groups; group number: 255054203

Two, within the group of four people are Buddhist, and communication and mutual respect; don't talk about politics, religion, sensitive events, do not spread fallacies.

Requirement three, group (a member of the following format), apply for to join.

Example: the MAGE - Tianjin monks

In all: Ningbo - Andy Lau

Four, since the release date of this group can apply.

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In October 25, 2012