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Tiantong Temple 2012 year-end summary of work meeting

Tiantong Temple 2012 year-end summary of work meeting

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In late February 6, 2013 6, Tiantong Temple 2012 year-end summary work conference held in the Royal Library, attended the meeting: Vice President, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk's integrity, and both supervisor Cheung old monk, the first polyester. The old master, monitoring meter art master, Ke Yuantong Temple master, as well as other classes the first deacon; meeting chaired by the abbot monk.

On the meeting, abbot monk first read the General Secretary Xi Jinping speech at the eighteen session of the Central Commission for Discipline two plenary session of the content, and asked all the deacons and monks learn seriously, and to "clean government can attain the people's trust, impartially and with the right to win hearts and minds" to encourage the monks to permanent hair heart, for the public heart, believe in Buddhism, do your thing. Combined with the phenomenon of the Buddhist community, to illustrate the effect of current on the advantages and disadvantages of the temples and monks at the Dharma. Followed by monitoring meter art master read the 2012 work summary report, the report in the past year in the policies and regulations, preaching, hospitality, charity, construction, fire alarm, financial expenditure, foreign exchange and other aspects of the one one monks practice is introduced. The abbot monk finally made his concluding remarks, Daiwa Nao stressed that we must see clearly the deficiencies and problems, it is necessary to strengthen the monks of the wind and construction of style of study, the two is to improve their own self-cultivation and manners, and the first and two class, three is to further strengthen the environmental health and fire safety management, the four is to vigorously promote the mozhao Zen caodong sect. In the new year, we should keep up with the pace of socialist society to adapt, abide by the law, love to teach, learn to repair both, efforts to build a harmonious society, and actively promote the culture of Buddhism, vigorously carry out Tzu Chi was the cause, and make a greater contribution to the cause of Buddhism in twenty-first Century.

2013 has been launched, abbot monk made 16 outlook points this year, in this year will strive to work smoothly. And during the Spring Festival, new year's Eve, fire alarm clock will hit, the first blessing ceremony, personnel arrangement and other matters detailed plans and arrangements, and has repeatedly stressed that the priority among priorities is Caution. And that the whole temple class first deacon and the public, to due diligence, up and down in an orderly, but also constantly improve their own self-cultivation and the level of work, to adhere to the system of post responsibility, believe in Buddhism, but also save the resident, not waste. And teach you to learn patience, courtesy, the monk said "let people happy is a kind of merit".

Finally, wish all the abbot in class first deacon Good luck and happiness to you! Early spring festival, bodhi.