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Ningbo Tiantong temple at the general reception

Ningbo Tiantong temple at the general reception

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On February 8, 2013 morning 7 when, Tiantong temple in the temple should be held at the end of the Gongtang (Hall) general Party, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, the abbot monk tea will attend the integrity of all classes, the temple first deacon, resident monks and Buddhists more than 180 people attended the tea will. Pucha presided over by the control yuan meter art master.

The first monk compassion. Discovery, address the monk for four more years for the resident and the heart, then to the affairs of the temple in 2012 is summarized briefly, and the idea of the work in 2013. Encourage everyone in the new year, work seriously, study on uninterrupted sophisticated, and congratulations to all of you and all the first spring festival Good luck and happiness to you!; supervisor Cheung old monk, after the church was the old master were delivered a speech, I wish you a happy spring festival. The final plan art master concluding remarks. The tea will be resident also prepare delicious food, and after all the four disciples to the Treasury, claimed by the abbot himself confessed to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival and gift money.

Tea is a kind of excellent traditional Buddhist temple, to support the tea, a tea, tea to cross; through to comprehend the "Zen"; "the tea" is the true portrayal.