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Tiantong temple in the new year

Tiantong temple in the new year

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Four the disciples of Buddhism and the social from all walks of life of the old and new friends:

Happy New Year everyone! First to pay New Year's call!

Buddhist bells and Ming Temple, white cloud; haze blurred

ERON off his old age, the snake was Swiss newspaper spring.

Festival, holiday celebration. Teng Hui, sun and all things full of vigour. Offer auspicious Taibai temple bell, but heaven and earth. Tiantong temple, Buddhist Pilgrims for deep admiration. Stretching peaks, Hayashitake Shigeruhide, visitors linger. Vatican Palace, close mountains for Wang. Jian Gu Bixi, customs clearance spray snow. The long long trail, twenty in the welcoming pine. Magical legend, St Millennium all everythings. Mountain to strange but everyone love to God Temple, and Dexin is the pan.

In 2012 2013 the pace is about to leave, the bells are ringing. New year in this beautiful moment, quietly in the heart of the resident you master, to express my heartfelt thanks! At the same time, thank you once to my temple selfless help worshippers of law enforcement and social people from all walks of life, I wish you have a good luck, have good luck! Thank you!

Tiantong temple in Ningbo city and Yinzhou District City, the Public Complaints Bureau and district leaders care under the guidance of the Buddhist Association, the correct leadership in the integrity of the monk, and actively cooperate with the whole class and the first deacon and two under the temple have made many achievements in the management, wind, hospitality, charity, infrastructure, public etc.. Especially in the Buddhist temple of the master of traditional religious teachings, such as the law such as law practice, and should be the Buddhist Compassion seed broadcast human altruism, do business.

Buddhist culture is a treasure of Buddhist temple Chinese indispensable, I in 2013 of Dharma, will increase the Zen culture and carry forward the mining, reflected in the real charm of Cao Dong sect, to enhance their actual practice martial arts and culture; in the new year, more diligent study, led the four Buddhist disciples are see to, purification of the mind; the new year, to further strengthen the wind, talent, beliefs, and other aspects of construction, repair and maintain, and six; in the new year, followed by adapting to socialist society, to contribute to building a harmonious and happy society, vigorously carry out Tzu Chi let the world is full of Buddhist life career, the joy of giving spirit.

We strive for the construction of spiritual civilization in Ningbo area, and the development of Buddhism with more power. We sincerely hope that our country thriving and prosperous! Ankang people happy!

I wish

China says the snake Good luck and happiness to you!

The Buddha light the world peace and prosperity

Tiantong Temple resident

In February 9, 201