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Tiantong temple bell peace auspicious law will be held on New Year's Eve

Tiantong temple bell peace auspicious law will be held on New Year's Eve

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February 9, 2013 held on New Year's Eve midnight, Tiantong temple bell peace auspicious law, law will be invited, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the president of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Temple Abbot monk presided over the integrity of the law, and law in the city of Ningbo: Secretary of politics and Law Committee of Yinzhou District Lin Qi, Ningbo Public Complaints Bureau deputy director Gu Weiwei and the family. The whole class the first deacon temple, Temple monks, Buddhists and all sectors of the community of more than 500 people attended the peace auspicious bell method.

The method, the abbot monk as the concept of integrity, the four disciples recite ten methods all sentient beings in the universe, Shi Ganlu food; then, the integrity of the monk holding the mallet, sounded the first hammer spring, four disciples have sounded the bell of the melodious, blessing, happy sound filled the tower, with devout faith to pray for world peace, people's happiness; the time of the ring pushing the footsteps of history, let us through the auspicious peace for a year, on the occasion of the occasion of the end of the bell, pray for peace, to become the biggest hope everyone.

The clock is one of the most important instruments used in Buddhist temple has the morning bell and evening drum -- reminders, said, "reform and repair Baizhang regulation" volume eight "cloud: clock, jungle orders information was also hit was broken, Xiao night, police sleep; sleep Twilight Twilight hammer Qu, Ming Shu." In the Buddha's teaching in the, also hit the bell to illustrate the fine clean, but said: "Wen Zhongsheng has trouble light, wisdom, Bodhi, from hell, out of the fire pit, to Buddha and sentient beings". General law of sentient beings hear this wisdom to the misery as soon as possible, to awaken.