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The people of Zhejiang province were appointed director Feng Zhili visit Tiantong Temple

The people of Zhejiang province were appointed director Feng Zhili visit Tiantong Temple

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At 5 pm on February 18, 2013, the people of Zhejiang province were appointed director Feng Zhili and his entourage visited the Tiantong temple. Vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, the abbot monk integrity, director de mage, monitoring meter art master, master's in front to meet the king of awareness; the people of the province were appointed to office director Gao Chengfeng, deputy director of bureau of religious affairs, Li Weibo, the religion of Yinzhou bureau chief Xu Haiping, District Bureau of religious affairs Zhu Mingxia, deputy director of inspection. And has carried on the discussion and the Kam tong.

The abbot monk with integrity director Feng Zhili visited the temple, the temple, Dogen law spirit trace monument, Royal Pavilion, hall and other major construction, and has carried on the detailed introduction. Followed by a discussion on Kam tong. Feng director first bring greetings and blessing, wish all the residents and the sea, the Dharma. And pointed out that over the past year, create a harmonious temple or church around the province, made a positive performance of national regulations and policies timely popularization and practice, it is a good momentum. Then praise the Tiantong temple made an example of the province in the management of temples, wind construction and infrastructure and so on, but also pointed out that to make persistent efforts, the spirits of the earth.

Integrity and introduces the history of the temple and the monks, learning, and in recent years, the Buddhist culture, and the current situation of the Buddhist community to exchange views. The director said, we should not only introduce the Sangha, should also be timely in case the training management experience and repair of sophisticated monks, sent to other places, to carry forward the culture of Buddhism, monks will play a positive role, make great efforts to build a harmonious society. At last, the director again, to continue to carry forward the spirit of harmony in Tiantong Temple Temple, the Buddhist community in Ningbo, and make due contributions to the country's rich, strong and prosperous.

Both wind up our talk in a harmonious atmosphere.