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Tiantong temple and the construction of "Lotus Sutra" meditation method

Tiantong temple and the construction of "Lotus Sutra" meditation method

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On March 23, 2013 at seven thirty in the morning, Tiantong temple in the grand hall and "Lotus Sutra" meditation method. Method will be invited the vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk master integrity. The law will be lasted 7 days (lunar new year in February 12th -- February 18th), the temple of the Tang Kou Liao master and disciples from four in Ningbo to participate in the law. Method for long, world peace, peace and prosperity.

"Lotus Sutra" proposed "open." and "three in one" important thought, "note" and "margin" and "Buddha" to Buddhism by (absolute), "three by pedestrians to generate the mind for Bodhi, the Buddha as the ultimate goal. The cloud: "this can save all living beings...... such as cool pool can be filled with all the utter lack of cold, such as fire, such as the naked to clothing, such as businessmen winner, such as the mother, such as crossing the ship, such as disease medicine, such as the dark light, such as poor treasure, such as the king, such as Jia off the sea, such as the torch in the dark, it is China, can make people from all suffering, all the pain, can solve all of life and death." So the achievements, and the method will cause.