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The integrity of the monk was invited to participate in the Jiangsu Jiangyin Cangshan Temple rebuilt ten anniversary celebration

The integrity of the monk was invited to participate in the Jiangsu Jiangyin Cangshan Temple rebuilt ten anniversary celebration

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On April 6, 2013 at nine fifty-eight in the morning, Jiangsu city of Jiangyin province Cangshan Temple held a grand temple rebuilt ten anniversary celebration and master Xuan Xiang Jin Yuan Council, vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot monk was invited to attend the celebration of credit law. And to attend celebrations: the national poverty alleviation work leading group, Deputy Secretary General Mr. Zhou Mode, Mr. Chen Jianlong, Vice Minister of United Front Work Department of Jiangyin municipal Party committee, bureau of religious affairs, Public Complaints Bureau deputy director of Jiangyin Mr. Feng Zhengxing, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Jiangyin and Secretary General Lin Hua Ju Shi, vice president, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Wuxi City, Jiangyin city the Buddhist Association of Jiangyin Junshan Temple Abbot monk and thawing, Wuxi Lingshan Xiangfu temple first fruit Master Cheng Yen, Mr. Wu Guoping, Vice Minister of Jiangyin Lingang Economic Development Zone party department, Mr. Sheng Lixing president of Zhejiang provincial foreign trade company in Keqiao, cross-strait Chinese Painting Artists Association executive director Mr. Wu Jianguang, China famous calligraphy master Jia Songyang, Wuxi city commercial building Ms. Pan Xiaoyan chairman, former Wuxi Lingshan Xiang Fu Si director of General Office of Mr. Zhou Xiaofeng and other senior monks and believers, leading the guests more than 1000 people attended the law. Celebration hosted by the deputy director of the office of Jiangyin City Buddhist Association Chen Xi.

At 8 am, in the temple main hall held misfortunes auspicious and prolong lifespan, pray for world peace will Pugh method, Zhu Shi Qi said the Buddhas name, common. Nine fifty-eight, Jin Yuan Law will officially begin, the mountains elders, Dade believers gathered in front of the master and the Uranus square, bells and whistles, solemn procession holding banners Baogai Temple treasure greet elders to King, the integrity of monk Xuan Xiang, hanging bead for mage sent out by King Hall, the hall of Maitreya, and finally to the main hall is one one. Jin Yuan method after the meeting, held in Cangshan the temple rebuilt ten anniversary celebration, ladies and leaders delivered a speech, the integrity of the monk congratulated the master Xuan Xiang in Cangshan temple, and asked: "the laws and regulations to follow the party, patriotic, lead the temple of two public order discipline strictly, diligent study." And in 'karma' gave the masses in mercies. Master Xuan Xiang introduced Cangshan temple history and made a return address, will lead the Cangshan Temple of two public order, carry forward the patriotic love to teach Buddhism, altruism spirit, diligent study, and a total of live, discipline strictly, to the Buddha, carry out various charitable activities; to promote the development of Jiangyin Buddhist culture, and the performance of the Buddhist community in harmonious society obligation, to play a more active role. The celebration of Jin Yuan is the peaceful atmosphere successfully concluded.

It is reported that the Jiangyin Cangshan temple is located inside the port, the original is the tomb of Liang Jingdi, Liang Jingdi Xiao Fangzhi, the word wisdom, print it, Xiao Yi Liang Yuandi Santa for the first year, ninth, has been called the king of jinan. The year 555 is located in Jiankang, for Liang Jingdi, amnesty, nianhao shotai people. Cangshan temple in Jiangyin a long history of the temple, due to the passage of time, no clear historical records and so on, to verify the exact temple's, but the southern Liang Jing emperor tomb card next to the temple, the temple long-standing. After the abolition of history, in recent years, especially since the opening of the party's religious policy, in the care and help of the party and the government, the temple has been renovated several times, into today's scale.