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Vice president of the Japan China Friendship Association Sakai Tetsuo visit the integrity of the monk

Vice president of the Japan China Friendship Association Sakai Tetsuo visit the integrity of the monk

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On April 11, 2013 morning 10 when, Japan China Friendship Association, the vice president, Fukui Prefecture, Japan China Friendship Association Sakai Tetsuo line 4, to the ancestral home of Cao Dongzong Tiantong Temple visit the integrity of monk, vice president, accompanied by Ohno, Japan China Friendship Association Terasaka Tetsuo, Ningbo Municipal Foreign Affairs Office Yu Ying accompanied and worked as a translator.

The integrity of the monk of Sakai Tetsuo line visit welcome, and introduced the Tiantong temple history and current situation of the main temple; Terasaka Tetsuo Jackson song Jiyuan in Daye City Baoqing Temple founded admiration and heartfelt admiration, make it become the second Dao caodong sect in Japan, and has made great contribution to the Sino Japanese Friendship communication. In the conversation, Terasaka Tetsuo with old friends call to abbot, cordial, karma can be traced back to 08 years to visit Japan as the monk Ming Yang master; for the temple of the 181 generation of the abbot, in 20 years ago, Terasaka Tetsuo and others had visited, the exchange has become the most talked about topic; then the abbot monk invited to attend Sakai Tetsuo, held in the second half of the "master Yuan Ying passed away for 60 years and was in the top phase switching method".

Tiantong Temple monk "statute" gift to Japan China Exchange Association, after the two sides exchanged gifts, abbot monk accompanied Sakai Tetsuo visited the church became a line (the founder Dian) and silent circle master participation spirit trace monument, cherish the memory of the founder, the last photo.