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Takano Amayanmunesonokoaki led a delegation to visit Japan in Tiantong Temple

Takano Amayanmunesonokoaki led a delegation to visit Japan in Tiantong Temple

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The afternoon of May 10, 2013, Japan Koyasan diamond peak temple Shingon Zongwu chief executive, Sono Hikaruaki led the delegation of 25 people for a visit Tiantong temple. Vice president of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Buddhism, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk received a delegation of integrity, monitoring meter art master on behalf of Abbot hall to greet. The two sides exchanged in the temple, the Royal library.

The abbot of the delegation a warm welcome, after the Tiantong temple history, as well as the teaching style and made a brief introduction to the situation. On the net at the Yu Tiantong Zen master Dogen good karma, in-depth explanation. And the sea master far to China for the spirit of the law expressed heartfelt admiration, the Sino Japanese religious culture and friendly made outstanding contribution and far-reaching influence.

Sono Hikaruaki, chief of the general integrity of Tiantong Temple monk reception of gratitude, and simply introduces the sea master Tang method is not easy, to return all the creation of Koyasan Diamond Peak temple. In Japan, each faction will communicate with each other, they often went to the mountain Eiheiji visits, the Tiantong Temple visit, is admired and achievements such as net master Dogen karma.

The two sides had a cordial exchange in the Royal Library, and give each other gifts, then in the hall before the group photo. Delegation in the temple hall chanting, as Japan blessing wishes.