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Tiantong Temple held a Grand Prince Sakyamuni Buddha blessing ceremony

Tiantong Temple held a Grand Prince Sakyamuni Buddha blessing ceremony

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When the teacher Shakya Muni Buddha's birthday, May 17, 2013 (lunar calendar April 8), Tiantong Temple held a Grand Prince Sakyamuni Buddha blessing ceremony. Method the ceremony will be vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot presided over the Council of the temple, the monks and Buddhists more than 500 people attended the Buddha, law to the temple law hall.

At eight thirty in the morning minutes drum gongs, the guard of honor with the monk like to greet the prince hall, the golden censer in the heat, the prince is like sitting in the arrangement of flower beds, and all two are silent in this solemn moment, the dimension division incense incense and chant praise, mass Division, supreme merit Chan Wing the buddha. Then the monk made easy discovery, Shakya Taz should be the human story about one one; at the same time for the praise of Buddha's merit, a Buddha is Thanksgiving, leave a good teaching method, so that we can get pure kilesa, relief, life value; the two is through the means of Buddha, to wash our dirty heart, let us in a state of peace and freedom. The monk also encouraged and all two, to work hard to do, the Buddhist doctrine of life, life is full of wisdom, understanding the true meaning of life, and wish you can happy, Good luck and happiness to you.

"Heaven has no such as the Buddha, the world is also very ten party; all I see, everything is like a buddha." When the mass of Qi "of the South Division of Shakya Muni Buddha holy Abbot monk, brought the three Prince Sakyamuni in the bath, the first class, all the deacons, temple one one with devotion to bathe in their old prince Sakyamuni, the heart is pure, the current scale of washing, wisdom. Buddha draws to a close, the believers will be bathing water home, hoping to be unable to visit the law's home, to the biggest happiness and wisdom.