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International (Japan), Zen Culture Exchange Association Ootani Tetsuo visit the integrity of the monk

International (Japan), Zen Culture Exchange Association Ootani Tetsuo visit the integrity of the monk

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At 9 a.m. on July 30, 2013, International (Japan) Zen Cultural Exchange Association President Ootani Tetsuo a line of 4 people to visit the integrity of Tiantong temple monk. Zhejiang Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang, the dean of the school of Ningbo Buddha, President of the Buddhist Association, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity in Kam Tong met with Ootani Tetsuo. The east Wu, Tokyo Branch Mr. Chen Zhicheng accompanied and worked as a translator.

The main purpose of Ootani Tetsuo's visit to the abbot monk is integrity, abbot monk invited in October to attend the International Conference on the establishment of Zen (Japan) Cultural Exchange Association and the ceremony for instructors, as well as the research of ink Zen culture hole will create ten anniversary celebration. The abbot monk thanks to Ootani Tetsuo in the summer trip to Ningbo to send invitations, and try to arrange time to attend the meeting, and on related matters to discuss. Ootani Tetsuo said, the integrity of the abbot to attend the inaugural meeting, to the friendship between the two countries, Cao Dongzong cultural exchanges, will play a more important role.

The two sides in the talks after Kam Tong, accompanied by President Ootani Tetsuo to the integrity of the monk Tripitaka floor reading Sutra and maintenance in Ming Dynasty worship buddha.