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Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" Education Camp opening ceremony

Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" Education Camp opening ceremony

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In August 1, 2013, the seventh session of the Tiantong Temple "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" education camp opened in the hall. Attended the opening ceremony of the vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Ningbo Buddha Dean, President of the Buddhist Association, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity, Tiantong temple first Xiu Xiang old master, Yueqing Tiantong temple, Yandang Mountain's first upon first Hongjue mage, monitoring meter art master, and the master Zhi Ke tact the resident monks and repair business more than 100 participants attended the opening ceremony. They were from 26 universities, East China Normal University, Ningbo University, Shanghai Fudan University, Zhejiang Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University, Zhongshan University, Fujian Normal University, Hong Kong Baptist University, University of Sussex, Chinese University Hong Kong students and staff, 15 provinces and cities, Shanghai, Hangzhou, covering Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Shandong, Jiangxi, Xiamen etc.. Opening ceremony presided over by master knows guest road country.

The opening ceremony, the abbot monk to all campers are welcome, and encouraged the students to feel at ease to study Buddhism, Buddhist Prajna get treasure, and a brief disclosure of the Buddhism doctrine. A correct understanding of the value of life, and lists some actual situation of current society, and encourage the students from the moment of awareness, consciousness to the Buddhist religious value and educational significance of blessing, and students can truly understand the "understanding of Zen wisdom, the real connotation of harmonious life". The first Hongjue master to Master Taixu "Yang Zhi Wei Buddha, completed in the personality", remind you of mass master and students, efforts should be made to study Buddhism, enlightenment awareness mindfulness meditation, complete the real experience, and wish the repair business smoothly.

Subsequently, in meditation master announced the matters needing attention, and arrange related work education camp, hope all students to abide by the duty, honour the teacher and respect his teaching. Flexible master made Buddhism etiquette related note.