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Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" repair "consciousness", Zen camp -- Miao Feng master

Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" repair "consciousness", Zen camp -- Miao Feng master

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In August 3, 2013, the seventh session of the "understanding the Tiantong Temple Zen Hui harmonious life" Education Camp invite Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Buddhist Association, President of the Buddhist Association of Huizhou City, long, Huizhou Yongfu Temple abbot, Dean of the College of Buddha Zen master Miao Feng as "consciousness".

Who first taught students do the number of interest, to reduce their heavy breathing and delusion. After a few minutes, introduces the study status of Zen, Kaizong Akiyoshi proposed: one is the fundamental to understand life and death; two is clear heart really false false; three is the Enlightenment from the heart; the four is that true body; from the above several aspects in detail how the discovery into Zen world, how to awareness of your own life with zen. First, the "reference": "all beings are not true, by the resident of a simple body, with the delusion, this can't really, so there is a round robin." A words to explain the life and death is simply all circulation, stood in the way of a level to reflect the life helpless, to consider the establishment of the awareness of the truth of the universe, the Buddhist faith, and to "is known, how can you know death" to alert students.

To understand the true false false heart in real time, to dream of the image as a metaphor, that the true meaning of the impermanence of life, time in self, for their own emotions, is not I know "dream I rock, feel empty after all." And in Buddhism, we can't leave the heart, to practice Dharma, relative knowledge and get rid of the one one parameters, perseverance, not to seek the wisdom of understanding awareness, regression, reminded participants not to heart, into our present is originally.

Then the master to "Han Shan old dream travels in straight Deng" our words to explain the true body, and stressed that the Buddhist people born in practice, when the Prajna, dyeing, light from net, vanity, such as Nirvana Buddha nature, such as awareness, to illustrate the importance of heart, and detailed introduction of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas enlightened wonder, two times difference between the free man, lost consciousness, let us whenever and wherever possible wonderful Ming really valuable.

The mage in a humorous remarks about the Zen enlightenment, laughter from the audience. At the end of the lecture, master answered students questions, mutual competitive interaction is the lecture to a climax. At this time also drew to a successful conclusion.