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Design art master "life Buddhism", as to repair the camp

Design art master "life Buddhism", as to repair the camp

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On August 4, 2013 morning 8 when, Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" Education Camp invite Tiantong Temple prison hospital for "life Buddhism art master plan" lectures for students.

The master to "as the breakthrough point, introduced the system of Dharma and Sangha, and the relationship between the three, to face the Buddhism from a positive point of view, to understand the buddhism. Second, the Buddhist precepts of kill stealing her false wine, meaning equivalence relations between colleagues and faith, in our daily life and working guidance value, and in order to improve our life consciousness. Emphasis on filial piety and righteousness of the importance of filial piety in our life, the value of significance. Once again to remind the majority of students as the subject, to remove our heart and reverse heart, not isolated, one-sided, static understanding of things, to use the wisdom of heart always on your. End of the seminar, master let each goal students often make reverence mentality, to the joy of life, develop their own pure heart.

Summer, the abbot monk went to the integrity of students classroom sympathy and encouragement, and made a brief statement, encourage students to generate the mind for Bodhi, do my own career. The students of gratitude and the monk resident compassion with warm applause, a successful conclusion to draw the morning lectures.