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A mage to repair business as "Virtue", all round

A mage to repair business as "Virtue", all round

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At 2 pm on August 4, 2013, the seventh session of the Tiantong Temple "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" Education Camp invite us Tiantong Temple Yuantong mage, as "wonderful lectures for students morality" circle.

A mage to digital by reason, put forward the relationship between people, the relationship between man and nature, man and nature relationship, embarked on a story, with daily life, and many cases to prove the scientificity of Buddhism with the practice, to encourage students to respect the law of life, an live in the present moment of the life, job and life part. And put forward the importance of the heart, to do any one thing, all cannot do without it, so is the Buddha monk, twelve classic is started, the same is true of life phenomena, but will eventually have to return to the initial state of mind -- ". At the end of the lecture, all back to the wonderful, happy life, to de centered, to establish a scientific, reasonable, compassionate super life.

In the lecture, the ups and downs of laughter each other, to lead the students to master the words from time to time by the unique joy.