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Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding of Zen wisdom, harmonious life" education "Enlightenment" camp, Hongjue mage

Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding of Zen wisdom, harmonious life" education "Enlightenment" camp, Hongjue mage

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On August 2, 2013 -4, Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding of Zen wisdom, harmonious life" Education Camp invite Tiantong temple, Yandang Mountain in Yueqing City, the first Hongjue upon first master of "Enlightenment" lectures. The mage three nights on the first three chapters in the text, and to reveal the Buddha from the troubles of the enlightenment theory, help students know what is true and what is false? How to find one's true self? Beginner practice problems.

The master said, "Enlightenment" for all the sincerity, equality and methods as. But we have been sleeping in the dust was six, the cladding avoidance, false and true false recognition. Shakya Muni Buddha found that the origin of empty, empty origin meaning. Master of "Enlightenment" as explained. "All sorts of changes, such as the enlightenment are wonderful heart". The realm of the Buddha's enlightenment. Within Zhongde Japanese yen, shone through ignorance said. Enlightenment of is all equal as the law of. Confucius said "Men at their birth, are good in nature" of Buddhism to clean and. Sutra says: "don't be evil, pursue the public good, to purify their mind is buddha." Sounds simple, profound truth. Only realizing free sex wise to clean. Since they are not living in their own habits. Ma Zudaoyi Jackson said "the heart is Buddha". Buddha is not far from, namely the card. Beginners must be close to the good knowledge about Buddhism, yoniso, open the life of wisdom, is the positive solution of buddhism. To the teaching of the Buddha, "happy followed". Master Discovery how to listen to the teachings, is not covered, not dirty, no leakage; how to break free, is called "round illumination, clean, sleep phase". Body and mind is not available, the practice is not available, nothing to fix, no feasible. When something so pure, no longer wanted to come, to want to delusion empty, is not empty and empty of self delusion. Looking purity in a round, the practice gradually. Buddhist is to go within. The heart is Buddha, Neiqiufa search outside that heretics.

Master discovery, to open such as Buddha mani orb like nature, experience enlightenment pure mind, must through diligent efforts to maintain mindfulness, keep awareness, establish a "firewall", the rejection in trouble. The net enlightenment, spiritual, is from the magic, from the magic that is. The present is a Buddhist, be mindful. Practise is the false peace. "Autumn leaves. Also Laiqianbai heap, sweep back. A smile, leisure sitting, let it fall from the ashes." The Buddha said that mindfulness is not evasive, do not bypass the multiplication. Such as Baizhang Chan Master said; "Body Lotion often true, not words. Xinxing stainless, the self accomplish. But away from the false edge, as if Buddha. "

Master also discovery the basic method of Buddhist, beginners should start from the text, through education, gradually learning. For the "Enlightenment" of learning, can learn from back to front, easy to understand. The master told the students, Shakya Muni Buddha told us to specific methods, each of the methods are operating practice. How to think? To observe, the body times the heart. The colour is awareness, it was clean, but not to the edge of the shadow phase. The mind and in ignorance, vanity heart broken is the real heart. To eliminate the "continuous training, until it turned more to state," dead, dust off the root". The master told the students to remember four words, namely "knows that the magic away from, not easy, from the magic that is sleep, no more." Later in learning and practicing Dao is slowly. Master discovery, find one's true self needs two kinds of heart, namely: sustained attention, keen observation. Mindfulness, not with the habits, bear in mind always, free from worry.

Hongjue mage wonderful explanation cause students interest in the dharma. Many students in the class but also ask a mage in many problems, the scene lively, everyone benefited.