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Tiantong Temple summer camp in learning and practicing invited mage "auspicious", said by the Buddha

Tiantong Temple summer camp in learning and practicing invited mage "auspicious", said by the Buddha

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  In August 5, 2013, the seventh session of the Tiantong Temple "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" Education Camp invite us in Tiantong Temple mage "auspicious", the Buddha said to students. The master to "get" happiness of life is the subtitle, is proposed to obtain the eight elements of life happiness. All students listened to the lectures.
      The mage first puts forward we want to get the good law, do a good foundation for the achievement of fundamental was born, with precious life, then explains the origin of life is bitter, bitter, no amount of three, eight bitter suffering because of greed for the media, such as "Lotus Sutra" said: "the bitter because. Greed is the". And how to correct to the standard cognitive life happiness, goodness and wisdom as the happiness of life standard.
      The mage to Scripture as the clue, summarizes the close to good friends, good living environment, survival skills, practice of filial piety, for giving hi friends, good habits, the correct belief, clean out of eight elements, an important factor in achieving happiness for life. The master in the lecture, allusive, combined with the actual situation in life, a detailed description of the various conditions of life. As in the first elements close to the good friend, the master to "Lotus Sutra. For example:" stupid goods "in the dark shades, three poisonous fire" to illustrate the variety of life, and cited the "Buddha said good students six kinds of fault by the" Friends of the evil, to every student paradox here, to close the knowledge of good and friendly way is easy, almost evil virtue is lost.
      At the end of the lecture, master to encourage all the students to cherish the life of the moment, let his life not sorrow, pollution and trouble, to feel the sensation of being Buddhas attach with, is willing to work with the Buddha, to trouble for Bodhi, turn pain into joy. To feel and experience the true teachings of the Buddha, and wish everyone will have the same noble personality and Fogg (personality), always happy, everything is auspicious, happy. Near the end of the lecture, the students answered questions, this lecture painting like a stop.