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Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" repair camp Abbot monk as their integrity "Bon", the Buddha said

Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" repair camp Abbot monk as their integrity "Bon", the Buddha said

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August 5, 2013 -- 6 days late, Tiantong Temple seventh "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" vice president, repair business. The Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Buddhist College Dean, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo Tiantong Temple Abbot credit repair business as "the Buddha said," Bon the Tiantong temple, two public order all the students, learning and practicing Ying listened to the lecture, seminar was held in the hall.

The integrity of the monk first explains this by teaching causes, points out that this is the Buddhist filial piety, filial piety in Buddhism, is not an ordinary but a filial piety, filial piety. Parents love their children are well, so it's all about gratitude. The sage has magical powers, mother fell hungry, tortured by karma, and food, instant into a flame, not eating, so does the Buddha also shouted cry, save bitter method in misery. The Buddha in July 15th, the monks live pravarana date to before the Buddha. Bon, all sorts of goods to support the ten party Dharma and Sangha, save three. Such as "brahmajala Sutra" said: "the filial piety for the ring, also called stop, filial piety parents' Sangha, obedient to the law," the filial piety of the importance and significance of the value of life. And the scripture made a detailed explanation, let everyone can be a true cognition to the filial piety is precious and the responsibility.

The monk with some phenomenon in the present society, the realization of the value of filial piety and real life are closely related. And in some great master of Buddhism as an example, the current popularity of Buddhist monks to correct, not a correct understanding of parents. The last monk "Bon" as the karma, sums up some experience to encourage teachers and students: the sign of our four disciples must obey their parents (past, present and future); the Buddha tells us the monks to practice early card fruit; the Buddha told the monks, although evidence the venerable Maudgalyayana Arahat can turn his mother, not to mention an arhat ordinary monks? Therefore the practice back to the small to large, permit to Bodhisattva, Buddha told his disciples people; four, to this, must not forget their past VII parents, mid July 15th battle of Buddha, to turn to best promote circulation; "Bon", no amount of merit and virtue.

Like the dew, emulsion, let us feel every teacher and students present, feel happy, happy. With the perfect monk lectures, but also for the "understanding Zen Hui harmonious life" repair battalion drew a satisfactory full stop.