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Tiantong temple was held to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the death of Yuan Ying, the old monk and Abbot in the top phase sw

Tiantong temple was held to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the death of Yuan Ying, the old monk and Abbot in the top phase sw

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On September 16, 2013 morning 9 when, Tiantong Temple held Yuan Ying old monk passed away 60 anniversary of the opening of the top phase in the law. Attend Leadership: Vice Mayor of Ningbo Cai Songzhi, Yinzhou District District standing committee, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of religious affairs Xu Boqiang, deputy director, director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of religious affairs Zhang Hongchun, Yinzhou District Bureau of religious affairs to Secretary Chen, deputy director of Yinzhou District Bureau of religious affairs Zhu Mingxia. The present method has China monk: Buddhist Association Advisory Committee members, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk from extensive repair, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Xuedou Temple Abbot monk Yi Tibetan Buddhist Association, Zhejiang Province, vice president of Zhejiang, the Buddha, the dean of the school of Ningbo Buddhist Association, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity Ningbo City Buddhist Association, consultant, Tiantong temple's first Xiu Xiang old master, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Ashoka Temple Abbot monk field source, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, the five Li Lei Si Fang Zhangzong monk, Xiamen South Putuo temple, the abbot of Yandang Mountain's first upon the great monk, vice president, Ningbo the Buddhist Association of Ninghai City, Guangde Temple Abbot master, round, President of the Buddhist Association of Zhoushan Dinghai old Tianfu Temple Abbot master Yin Zhong, Shanghai City, Longhua Temple master Hui's prison hospital, Shanghai Hospital of Chongming round out the hall monitor master, Ningbo Rong real estate Limited by Share Ltd Chairman Mr. Wang Jiufang, Shanghai City Industrial Zone enterprise development limited company chairman Mr. Tu Chunfu. City, county, district and the Buddhist Association of the responsible person and from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changzhou, Ningbo and other places of Buddhists more than 800 people attended the memorial ceremony. Method will be chaired by the Deputy master of Tiantong temple temple.

Method will be the first to introduce the Zhejiang Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Buddha, Dean, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo City, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk message integrity. The monk first thanks to the care and support of leaders at all levels of the event, and has long been the Tiantong Temple Buddhist dharma. Then introduces the influence of the leader of Chinese Buddhist monk Yuan Ying's life, the old monk life preaching, learning and promote Buddhism Sutra theory has great guiding significance to the modern Buddhist education, with the "great compassion, fearless, no me" is the spirit of Buddhist philosophy. Patriotism, and during the war of resistance against Japan, led the four Buddhist disciples, the real performance of the obligations of a Buddhist, made a good example for the Chinese Buddhist era of his followers. Then the monk the Tiantong temple history and founder, in 1700 achieved many founder, has become the brilliant and glorious Chinese Zen, especially Cao Dongzong's promotion to Tiantong temple has laid an important position in the history of Chinese buddhism.

Followed by the Ningbo city Yinzhou District Committee, District People's government, Ms. Cai Songzhi spoke on behalf of the government departments, guidance value for Tiantong temple history and the abbot in carrying forward the Ningbo Buddhism and society in the affirmative, and wish the conference a complete success opening method.

Followed by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs Deputy Secretary Xu Boqiang, on behalf of the Department of religious speech, congratulated the successful held by the. And expect the Tiantong temple in the teaching process in the future, to lead the good four Buddhist disciples, diligent study. To make the greatest contribution to the Ningbo City Buddhist education, play a positive role for social harmonious religious instruction.

President of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang province Xuedou Temple Abbot Yi Tibetan monk made his last speech, have brought the Buddhist Association of congratulations for the successful method.

After the ceremony, in Tiantong temple hall, the abbot, held a "top phase switch method". Method the ceremony will be invited integrity, Yi Tibetan monk monk, the monk 10 monks, the common method for the top phase switch. This monk sprinkle Yang branch, and in accordance with the rules of the public by the curse, such as law, held the opening. A fine, the presence of four Buddhist disciples witnessed an auspicious moment.

The master Yuan Ying (1878 - 1953): "Wu Hengchun, Norina Hirogo, alias Tao Guang. Guangxu four years (in 1878) was born in Gutian Pinghu County Township village farmhouse end. The Modern Patriotic monks, Buddhist leader of modern China, 1929 and is co sponsored the establishment of China Buddhist Association, and successive elected chairman, master life made a great contribution to national unity, promoting peaceful buddhist. China Buddhist Association was founded in 1953, was elected as the first president.

In Buddhism, master Yuan Ying to "the Shurangama Sutra" as the core, communication, Yin song Tiantai, Zen, pure land four cases, all cases of broad and profound, melting in a furnace, will retreat net in one, get rid of the portal knowledge, eliminate sectarian dispute. Round beautiful jade master and Master Taixu is the history of modern Chinese Buddhism, Buddhism is the revitalization of dedication to the cause of all physical and mental, and in the theory of Buddhism and the Buddhist has arms. He was in 1907 July 15th of the lunar calendar, in Tiantong Temple Royal Library and Master Taixu allied brothers. When the round beautiful jade Master Taixu Rabbi at the age of 29, only 16 years old, the master Yuan Ying personally written documents for the revitalization of the alliance, the cause of the common China Buddhist vow!

The master Yuan Ying was born in the door, to the Rinzai directly, have very deep attainments in meditation and insight. After Ningbo Yongming Yanshou temple, Reke Zhuhiro read the reception work, but also to the pure land. Master sang Zen net power Shuangxiu, combines his power independently. He advocated Buddhism as one case, consciousness to compassion based, for the convenience of the door". The master Yuan Ying Expo Tripitaka, life in many of the theory, mainly has: "Buddha said eight adults feel the", "Diamond Sutra", "Heart Sutra", that the product "," Amitabha Sutra "," Buddha "wuliangshoujing", "said by the Buddha Ren Wang" the Buddha said, "Bon", "the Shurangama Sutra", "Enlightenment", the "faith in Mahayana theory" etc.. Master Yuan Ying Zong advocate the equality, communication and thawing. The mage focus with Buddhism, he not only did not parochial prejudice in Buddhism, Zen, financing the net, was close, but also have a positive, the spirit of tolerance swallow anything and everything of the world. As he said: "all of the various theories, must carefully study. Whether science, philosophy, Confucianism, Buddhism, it is necessary to have a vision, the theory of the truth, to see clearly, not be prejudiced. Where is beneficial to knowledge and virtue, to take the experience. "The master Yuan Ying broad-minded and far-reaching vision and adapt to the development of the times and the spirit of continuous improvement, it is worth learning.