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Deputy director of the State Bureau of religious affairs Zhang Lebin visited the Tiantong Temple

Deputy director of the State Bureau of religious affairs Zhang Lebin visited the Tiantong Temple

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The afternoon of October 24, 2013, deputy director of the State Bureau of religious affairs Zhang Lebin visited the Tiantong temple. Zhejiang Province, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Buddha, Dean, President of the Buddhist Association of Ningbo City, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk hospitality integrity, deputy director of the Zhang Lebin line. Accompanied the inspection of the Ningbo Municipal People's Government Deputy Secretary General Zhang Ni, the religion in Ningbo city bureau director Zhang Huizhen, Ningbo City, the Religious Bureau deputy director Xu Boqiang, Yinzhou District vice mayor Cai Songzhi, Yinzhou District United Front Work Department Minister Chen Guoliang, Yinzhou District Bureau of Religious Affairs Secretary Chen Ken, deputy director of Yinzhou District Zhu Mingxia and other government leaders and Tiantong Temple Temple master, road edge side the master, master of the mantle of pure. And talked to big Jian Tong.

Zhang Lebin deputy director general in the abbot monk led by honesty, visited the temple, temple japan Dogen law spirit trace monument, inscribed in "Buddha" monument, monument, "eight finger image should be the main hall and the Gongtang. Wherever he went, the monk one one introduces the reason, and introduces the development history and the founder of Buddhism temple.

After the discussion in the Kam Tong, deputy director of the integrity of the monk Zhang Lebin's arrival, a warm welcome. And briefly introduces the situation of the temple, and future direction of the Dharma, and the situation of the meditation hall. Deputy director Zhang Lebin pointed out that to play the positive role of Buddhism in religious circles, cherish the time background current. And encourage the integrity of monk to this transformation has become a mission of the times, do practical work, lead the four disciples to practice and teaching guidance. Also pointed out: the religious old side, side and always keep the vitality and vigor and vitality. As a Buddhist, it comes from the Buddhist scripture. It is a road passed down for thousands of years, Buddhism on social responsibility and contribution to the development of human society. Finally pointed out: China's Buddhism in the face of social responsibility and social services, greater responsibility, the stage will be more broad, the parties expect more, and hope that the Buddhism to the responsibility cognition. As general secretary Xi Jinping said: to mind the overall situation, grasp the trend, focusing on events and to examine the importance of the religious work.

Zhang Lebin, deputy director of Tiantong temple in the historical inheritance and Buddhist culture, to guide value to be sure. And the abbot monk led the integrity in Tiantong four disciples diligent study, Dharma, charity and other aspects of affirmation and praise. And in order to play the Ningbo Buddhist commitment and contribution to social responsibility. The integrity of the monk said, will adhere to the leadership of the party line, love to teach, actively do a good job in Ningbo Buddhist leader, play the Buddhist community strength, for the country and make more contributions to society. And leads good Tiantong monks, secure way.

The two sides at the end of the discussion in a harmonious atmosphere in the Buddha Hall, and posed for pictures.