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Deputy director of the State Bureau Jiang Jianyong to visit and guide the work of the West hidden Temple

Deputy director of the State Bureau Jiang Jianyong to visit and guide the work of the West hidden Temple

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In November 3rd, deputy director of the State Bureau of religious affairs Jiang Jianyong to visit the world Yu Yuan Xi hidden temple, inspect and guide the work. Director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of ethnic and Religious Affairs Secretary Zhang Huizhen, National Bureau of religious affairs in Yuyao ang Wan Xing, Yuyao tourism investment company deputy general manager she wave, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, President of the Buddhist Association. Dean, Tiantong Temple Abbot's integrity and is accompanied by check.

The jade garden is located in Yuyao big town, the overall rational layout, covers an area of three thousand acres, is the establishment of a Buddhist temple of Feng shui. The integrity of monk reported over the West hidden Temple of the mind, and the future development of. A few years ago the West hidden Temple gain extreme notoriety, not only in Ningbo, Yuyao and other media repeatedly criticized the temple, even the provincial capital of Hangzhou Qianjiang Evening News has disclosed the temple of irregularities or even illegal behavior. If we do not take over, was criticized for not only is a West hidden temple, or even damage the reputation of the Sangha, and the spread of Buddhism. In view of this, after the Yuyao Public Complaints Bureau and the Yuyao Municipal Tourism Bureau deliberations began in July 1st of this year, officially took over from the West hidden Temple Tiantong temple.

The integrity of the monk. The next step development goals: the West hidden Temple Buddhist meditation with culture, cultural center to be established for meditation; Buddhist training; the use of barren mountain, cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine. Invite famous Chinese open Chinese medicine center; promotion and display of Buddhist culture and art; to carry out charitable activities; promote vegetarian culture, vegetarian restaurant and so on.

Deputy director Jiang Jianyong carefully inspected the West hidden temple, be sure to West hidden Temple Temple and unique style, for the future development, suggestions. A temple to make short-term, medium-term and long-term planning, to be easy to difficult. Two, the temple of Dharma is safe. Do their own practice on the basis of meditation classes can be held regularly or irregularly, lecture learning class. Three, compassion is the Buddhist meaning, doing charity work, is the most important work, according to their ability and Buddhist traditions, such as holding nursing home, daycare center, clinic the and so on. Four, Baizhang regulation, one day is not a day without eating. Suggest to use existing mountain, wasteland, development of tea, green organic fruits and vegetables. Can be run according to Zen tea, vegetarian restaurant.