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Tiantong Temple Abbot monk was invited to attend the second session of the integrity of Chinese Medicine Guru Buddha Symposium

Tiantong Temple Abbot monk was invited to attend the second session of the integrity of Chinese Medicine Guru Buddha Symposium

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In November 16, 2013, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk integrity invited to attend the second session of the Chinese Medicine Guru Buddha academic communication conference and delivered a speech, the symposium organized by the Zhejiang Center for the study of religion by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Journal of world religious institute, Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, Xianju County, Xianju District Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs the development of the management committee, Xianju Buddhist Association, held in Zhejiang Xianju County, from the domestic and foreign scholars more than 140 people attended the meeting.

The conference excursion, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Zhejiang Province, the Buddhist Association of Ningbo, Tiantong Temple Abbot monk really honest, monk, monk, Chi Ming Zhu Shan elders, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of world religions, Cao Zhongjian of secretary of Party committee of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, honorary academician Yang Cengwen, Secretary of Xianju County Dan Jian, governor of Lin Hong, and Huang Xianian, Chen Yongji, Bao Haining scholars, Shen Lieyi, Wang Qinmu, Xu Hai etc..

Participants around do in-depth study of Medicine Guru Buddha belief and the pharmacist Buddha statues and other topics, the Medicine Buddha belief in contemporary society and spread characteristics of Medicine Guru Buddha statues, carry forward the pharmacist beliefs suggestions, pharmacists Amitabha Dharma and Dharma relations, South Korean Medicine Guru Buddha and religious diversity, the origins of ancient Chinese Medicine Guru Buddha statues and art characteristics, tower of Changan Medicine Guru Buddha image constitution and law mirrors Temple pharmacists mandala and statues, murals of Xinjiang Medicine Guru Buddha image theme for the exchange, and how to plan the Medicine Buddha Scenic Spot and make pharmacists Buddha put forward different views. The delegates think, this meeting, more than in the past, has provided the important theory support for the Xianju pharmacists Buddha field construction, effectively enhance the local culture of Xianju.

The integrity of the monk in his closing speech on Xianju in the culture of Medicine Guru Buddha, fully affirmed the belief of the Medicine Buddha body to extend its function, meet the requirements of the times and the desire to reflect people's thoughts and the construction of a harmonious world. Think: only theory, not the actual practice action, is not up to ward off the effects of prolonging life. So we must practice the combination of theory and practice, to achieve the treatment effect of fitness. In recent years, Xianju Buddhism along the edge of moving, held a pharmacist faith seminar, carry forward Buddhism culture, discusses the relationship between the Medicine Buddha and the Buddhist, promote Buddhism actively take the religions to adapt to socialist society and the development of Buddhism, road, in contemporary, reactive power in the future. And cited the modern Buddhist Master Taixu's words "the pharmacist method, it is very suitable for Chinese people's beliefs and pursue. Because of the Medicine Buddha by the world of glass, is the ideal of building a clean world. If extended to the whole world, the world of Pure Land Buddhism naturally from the ideal into reality".